Boodaman Twins From Lima Modular Performance (SynthFest France 2021)

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Swiss musician and Eurorack module manufacturer Boodaman also contributed a performance for this year’s online event of SynthFest France 2021. The performance is based on a longer and elaborated version of his title Twins of Lima from his last album Subsequent.

For this performance, he only used a 2-case Eurorack Synthesizer with various modules. I have already seen Boodaman live at the Zurich Modular Festival 2018 where he played a 1hour live set. Back then on a much larger setup with the same groove factory as today. If you like quality dance electronic music that is played live, this is the right place for you.

If the Boodaman performance from SynthFest France 2021 has piqued your curiosity, then don’t miss his latest album release Subsequent with ten tracks available on Bandcamp.

More information here: Boodaman 

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