Kasseta Is A VHS Synth Based On The Bastl Instruments Kastle Synthesizer

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Kasseta is an expanded version of the Bastl Instruments Kastl semi-modular Synthesizer with more features built-in a vintage VHS cassette!

At Synthposium 2018 in Moscow, the young company Nondestructive Design presented their first product the Kasseta semi-modular Synthesizer. The engine of the Kasseta is based on the Bastl Instruments Kastle, a very small powerful semi-modular Synthesizer. The Kastle engine build in a new PCB is installed here in an old VHS cassette and extended with new features.

New Features

Compared to the Kastle by Bastl Instruments, the Kasseta will feature several cool new functions that offers more sound design options. So the developers will install a new rhythmic section with which one can better control the pitch of the Kastle engine and create easier melodies. Also, they will expand in the Kasseta the amount of CV’s input und outputs as well as include small speakers.

Design-wise the Kasseta reminds not of the Kastle synth but of a crazy semi-modular cassette Synthesizer. So he will get also more knobs/buttons as well as a built-in battery/power bank.

All the features are not 100% confirmed, possible other features can be added during the development. Check out the nice video from Cuckoo from Synthposium 2018 in Moscow where he interviewed the developer of the Kassetta.

Nondestructive Design is starting out with their first product. A VHS synth based on Bastl Kastle. Showing it for the first time at Synthposium 2018.

More details, price  and availability will follow.

More information here: Nondestructive Design

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