Bitmask Studio Updated Scythe Wavetable Synthesizer For iPad To V.1.5!

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Scythe wavetable Synthesizer for iPad  has been updated to 1.5 with new features (wavetable creator…) that can be unlocked via in-app-purchases!

Bitmask Studio released over the weekend an update for the Scythe wavetable Synthesizer. No, it’s still not an AUv3 update but the developer added several new features that makes the synth more powerful. It features now a new wavetable creator where you can design/edit wavetables and a new filter delay effect. The update includes also new packs with new wavetables.

Sure it’s nice to see that this app got an update, only I find the way how the developer manages this new version is not so great. To benefit from the functionalities, you must unlock each new feature with an additional in-app purchase. I don’t have a problem with in-app purchases but I’m not happy to see that features that must be inside a powerful wavetable synth (editor) are only available as iAP without testing them before.

For the wavetable packs, which can be seen as sound extensions, the iAP policy is fine, but not for important features. Therefore, I would recommend to make the app a little more expensive to cover the development and offer existing customers this update for free.


Scythe iOS app has a powerful synthesis engine and makes it easy to create and discover sound designed for iPad. Now with CoreMIDI and Audiobus Midi input and Inter-App-Audio, Scythe iOS app can be integrated into your studio or workflow. The controls have been minimized to allow a simple workflow with the same complex modulation that you might be used to. If you are new to modulation, Scythe app for iOS makes it simple with drag and drop, from source to oscillator control.

Scythe synthesizer iOS app comes with presets and library wavetables for quickly hearing some of its possibilities. Audio Share allows importing and exporting audio with Scythe synthesis iOS app easily. Generate custom wavetables by importing your sounds using Audio Share or iTunes file sharing, record using IAA out or directly in Scythe synthesizer app and export using Audio share or iOS sharing options. 

New In Scythe Wavetable Synthesizer V.1.5

  • Wavetable Creator – Create and edit wavetables
  • Filter Delay effect – One effect per oscillator
  • New Wavetable packs – Additional content for further exploration
  • Various bugs fixes and improvements

Sound Demo By The Sound Test Room

Doug from the Sound Test Room published back in 2017 a video demo about Scythe Synthesizer. Support Doug on Patreon!

Scythe Synthesizer for iPad is available now for $5.99 USD on the Apple App Store. The new wavetable packs are priced at $0.99 USD, the wavetable creator and filter delay are each $2.99 USD.

Available here: Scythe Synthesizer 

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