A.R.Rahman, Indian Star Composer Plays A $2.99 Synthesizer App On Stage!

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A.R Rahman, Indian star composer has proved at this last live concert that iOS music apps are not only toys but also professionally usable!

Also in 2018 you will not be taken complete seriously if you say that you make music on the iPad with apps. The situation has improved a bit in the last two years but many hardware users per example still continue to smile at the iOS cosmos. Developers like Audio Damage, Moog Music, Klevgrand, Waldorf have been showing that iOS apps are on the same level as classic plugins for PC & Mac.

The biggest difference and advantage for many users is the operation with the touch display that allows to play instruments a new way. Other advantages are: mobility (make music everywhere), affordable and accessible to everyone. That apps are not music toys, A.R Rahman and his band has shown in his last concert. The best-known Indian composer used the great granular app SpaceCraft as a live music instrument.

For me a nice moment to see that iOS apps that only cost $2.99 make the way to big stages and are used by such well-known composers. Also, the Granular Synthesizer Quanta developed by Audio Damage was used on stage. Not on the iPad here but on a Microsoft Surface with a ROLI Seaboard controller.

Although many musicians relay on hardware, I’m glad to see such software products in live use. Both apps can be discovered in the concert in the video below. Who thinks now apps are still toys, should look at this concerts and the current lineup of Synthesizers, drum machines etc for iPad or Surface.

Available here: 

SpaceCraft (iOS) (Mark Watt) 

Audio Damage Quanta Granular Synth (iPad) 

Audio Damage Quanta Granular Synth (VST/AU/AAX) 

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