Sergei Zhulkov Async Sampler, new multi-layer AUv3 sampler for iOS and macOS

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Sergei Zhulkov has released Async Sampler, a new feature-rich multi-layer sampler for iOS and macOS with AUv3 support.

You can use virtual instruments in a DAW. Synthesizers are particularly popular among in-the-box producers. A good alternative to bringing versatile sounds to the virtual production world are samplers. They let you turn samples into complete instruments.

In the PC/Mac area, Kontakt, Halion, TAL Sampler, and other plugins are popular. In iOS, on the other hand, good samplers are still somewhat rarer. Virsyn AudioLayer is one of the most powerful here. There are also many more creative samplers like Samplr. With Async Sampler, the iOS world has just got a new multi-timbral with a lot of potential.

Sergei Zhulkov Arsync Sampler

Sergei Zhulkov Async Sampler

Async Sampler is a new flexible multi-timbral sampler for iOS and macOS. The app is from Sergei Zhulkov, a new iOS developer. 

The feature set is very solid. The core consists of three sampler slots that can be filled with sample content. According to the developer, it works asynchronously, so they can operate without being tied to a specific clock. 

Each slot offers the same features. It starts with sample-focused parameters, including the sample’s start position, length, pitch, volume, and pan.

Then, you get per-slot lowpass and highpass filters with independent resonance control. There are also reverb and delay send FXs per slot. 

On the modulation side, it hosts two multi-wave LFOs, allowing you to animate any engine parameter. The last stage of the signal chain is a master bus section with a built-in compressor with a dirt factor and another set of filters with an additional drive.

Of course, you can use external MIDI controllers to play the samples chromatically back. You can save your patches in presets once you have crafted your sample instrument. Alternatively, you can explore a rich library of already-made sampled instruments right out of the box.

I really like the interface. It is very straightforward, logical, and well-designed. 

First Impression

This is an exciting new multi-timbral sampler for iOS and macOS. I really like the features and layout of the first version—very classic and direct. In my opinion, the app has a lot of potential to become bigger and more powerful.

I’m thinking about more modulation, synth options like granular, splits/stacking, etc., or even support for multi-samples. I hope the developer will continue the Arsync Sampler and make it bigger. More powerful samplers à la Virsyn AudioLayer are still rare on iOS.

Sergei Zhulkov Async Sampler is ready for download from the Apple App Store for $17,99. It runs as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin on iPads, iPhones, and macOS (Apple Silicon).

More information here: Sergei Zhulkov

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  1. I just bumped into this yesterday on youtube. It looks amazing. Like samplr with modulation options and can be set up like a old 4 track looper (with 3 tracks). Havent bought it yet but im glad it got a little visibility on this site.

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