Superbooth 2018: Interview With The Team Behind The PATCH & TWEAK Modular Book

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Unterstand modular synthesis with PATCH & TWEAK, the upcoming book from the team of PUSH TURN MOVE!

On the 1st of May Kim Bjørn presented his second book for Synthesizer enthusiasts. After PUSH TURN MOVE‘s focus on the interface of hardware/software music products, PATCH & TWEAK is all about the world of modular Synthesizers. It’s made in collaboration with Chris Meyer from Learning Modular and covers a wide range of topics for everyone.

From beginner tips, in depth explications about specific functions, interviews with best-known artists (Collin Benders, Hans Zimmer, Richard Devices or Suzanne Ciani) or even special created video content. This book covers everything you need to know about modular synthesis. 

On this year’s Superbooth in Berlin, the team gives visitors a little preview what you can find inside the book. I took advantage of the presence of those responsible and interviewed Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer about PATCH & TWEAK.

Meet The Makers & Artists

Apart from systematic sections and general subjects PATCH & TWEAK features interviews with the passionate makers of modules and systems, and the artists who use them, and influence them. We have already started interviewing – and when more artists are confirmed, we will keep you updated!

Interviews with modular artists
Hans Zimmer, Robert Rich, Bana Haffar, Caterina Barbieri, Russell E. L. Butler, Ian Boddy, NODE, Robin Rimbaud / Scanner, Hataken, Lady Starlight, Andrew Huang, Richard Devine, and many more.

Interviews with creators and brands in the modular world 
Modular creators and brands, which are particularly evident to the scene, are featured in specific interviews, including Verbos Electronics, Frap Tools, Mutable Instruments, WMD, Make Noise Music, Intellijel,, 4ms Company, Noise Engineering, Rossum Electro-Music, Erica Synths, and Music Thing Modular. Others including Doepfer, Buchla, Serge, Moog, and many more will also be featured.

PATCH & TWEAK is written by Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer. The book is edited by Paul Nagle, reviewer at Sound on Sound Magazine, and the whole project is kept together and on track by Brand Manager Lars Juhl.

PATCH & TWEAK is now available for pre-order on KICKSTARTER.

More information here: PATCH & TWEAK 

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