First Look At PUSH TURN MOVE – A Book About Interface Design In Electronic Music

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Just before this year’s Superbooth, the author Kim Bjørn introduced PUSH TURN MOVE, a book that gives a deep insight into the world of interface design in electronic music instruments. He focuses not only on hardware in this new book but also on music software and iOS apps. This week it was time for the official release. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Kim Bjørn delivered this week the first exemplars of it.

I received on Wednesday my exemplar of PUSH TURN MOVE and after the first I can say I love it. On 352 pages, you will find everything about Synthesizer, drum machine… interface design. You get an insight why developer choose this particular design and not the other one. I did not have yet the time to read the book but it was nice to see in my first look, photos of never before seen prototypes of well-known instruments (Teenage Engineering OP-1, Native Instruments Monark,…)

The book is perfect for any musician with a medium spread gear fetish. Knobs, screens, key beds, cables…, every aspect of an electronic instrument has its own area. On top, the highlights are recorded in picture and text. Instruments are not only there to test them, but should also be used and played. Various interviews with artists from different musical styles (electronics, rock, …) gives you an excellent insight how they use and play the instruments.

In my opinion, a very nice informative book that gives a nice and broad insight into the world of electronic instruments. Good is here the mix between best known old instruments and modern devices with a different approach. The book is in my opinion more than just a catalog of existing instruments, but looks in a very beautiful way behind the scenes.

I released on Wednesday a first look video of PUSH TURN MOVE. If you are interested in this book, I recommend to check out this video. You will receive here a brief overview what the different topics of the book are. In overall, a super interesting new book that I can recommend to any electronic musician with a love for gear (Synthesizers, drum machines, software,…)

PUSH TURN MOVE by Kim Bjørn is now available for €73.84€ / $87.28 from the official website.

More information here: PUSH TURN MOVE 


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