TAL Software Updated Their Plugin Series: New Dub I & II Modes For Dub-X & More

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TAL-Software, a small developer of excellent plugins for PC & Mac (TAL-Sampler, U-NO-LX, Bassline-101…) released today their plugins with new features and improvements. The TAL-Dub-X includes now Dub-I and II modes that was initially only available in the free delay plugins. These new modes brings new sound design possibilities to the Dub-X plugin.

Beside this, the developer added to the TAL-Sampler new lowpass and high pass filters for each layers, fixed important bugs and improves the workflow in every plugin.

What’s New In The TAL Plugins

TAL-Sampler v.2.1.1

  • Tune and stretch not working fixed. (2.1.1).
  • Parameter handling changed. (2.1.0).
  • UI improvements, mapping editor, layer view (2.1.0).
  • Low pass and High Pass filters per layer added. (2.1.0).

TAL-Dub-X v.1.2.0

  • TAL-Dub-I and TAL-Dub-II modes added.

TAL-U-NO-LX V.3.0.0

  • Improved parameter handling.

TAL-BassLine-101 v.2.0.0

  • Improved parameter handling.

More information here: TAL-Software 


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