SKIIID, Dirty Lo-Fi Drum Synthesizer App Gets AUv3 Support

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SKIIID by All The Machines is a dirty, lo-fi drum Synthesizer app for iOS with a built-in sequencer, drone mode & Ableton Link support.

Excellent news from the developer of the SKIIID app. The app got a free AUv3 update today. So you can now use this special drum synth app in several instances as an AUv3 plugin. This is a big improvement, big thanks for this!

News From July 7, 2020

Out of nowhere, there is a new interesting drum Synthesizer app for iOS. It’s called SKIIID and is developed by Stephan Bolch of All The Machines, a newcomer in the music app area. The drum synth features four drum modules (kick, snare, hi-hat, percussion), which are distributed over four pads. Each of them is freely assignable and can hold a sound. So four kicks, snares, or a colorful mix.

The engine is based on a sub-FM oscillator and the so-called morphing sauce wave oscillators and morphing noise oscillators. The first is responsible for the “body” of the sound, the second is designed to produce a few imperfections.


Further, there are parameters onboard for the oscillator mix, velocity (filter/volume), envelopes (amp/pitch), and filter. To round off the sounds, three effects are waiting for use: bitcrusher, distortion, and resonator. According to the developer, the drum synth is dirty and alive.

Sounds can be triggered either manually or using the 16-step sequencer. SKIIID also offers a creative randomizing function with which you can generate random values for each sound parameters. With this, you get very fast new sounds even without spending a long time designing new ones. Another neat feature is the drone mode, where you can also use the four pads for morphing sounds. Ableton Link is also supported but unfortunately no AUv3.


  • Sub-FM-Oscillator.
  • Morphing SAUCE WAVE Oscillator (adds some additional SAUCE/MEAT to your drum sound).
  • Morphing NOISE Oscillator (adds dusty and crackly imperfections).
  • Velocity along the vertical axis of all drum-pads.
  • Note pitch and fine-tuning.
  • Amplitude and Pitch Envelopes.
  • Ladder filter with highpass.
  • Bitcrusher, distortion and resonator – effects.
  • Randomization for single drum-pads and sequencer. Randomization can be switched on and off for all parameters.
  • Ableton Link Support.
  • Drone Mode.

SKIIID app is available for purchase for $5.99 USD from the App Store.

More information here: Stephan Bolch

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