Rainbow Circuit Rift, new additive Synthesizer device for Ableton Max For Live

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Rainbow Circuit Rift is a new Synthesizer Max For Live device that brings easy-to-use, playful additive synthesis to Ableton Live.

Max for Live is an amazing environment for developers and musicians. Users of the Ableton Live extension can enjoy many new synthesizers, effects, sequencers, and MIDI tools, unlike plugins embedded directly in the DAW’s engine.

In recent months, Takuma Matsui, better known as Rainbow Circuit, has been shaking up the M4L scene with his lovely device releases, such as the Wriggle Buchla-inspired filter effect or the free Crush synth. Today Rainbow Circuit released another new lovely M4L Synthesizer device with Rift.

Rainbow Circuit Rift

Rainbow Circuit Rift

Additive synthesis is not the easiest one to work with. Especially when it comes to producing beautiful, usable results. With Rift, Takuma Matsui is trying to make additive synthesis accessible to everyone

Rift is a Max For Live Synthesizer that uses additive synthesis. It features custom configurable oscillators, frequency and amplitude modifiers, and ample modulation sources. The synthesizer consists of four sections: the additive oscillator, the modifiers, modulation with two ADSR envelopes and two LFOs, and a utility section.

Like traditional additive synths, you can create waveforms by summing sine waves in the editor. Transpose, pitch mod, noise, and smoothen options are also available.

Going deeper into the core, you can also work with different frequency and amplitude modifiers (segment, funnel, shift, ripple…), allowing for deep shaping of the harmonic partials. 

On the modulation side, two ADSR envelopes and two multi-wave LFOs infuse movement in your Rainbow Circuit Rift sounds. Lastly, the utility section allows you to adjust the volume, polyphony, and glide.

First Impression

Rift is not a super complex additive Synthesizer. I’m sure there are much more comprehensive ones in the plugin world. Instead of a feature festival, Takuma from Rainbow Circuits has brought together the most important elements of additive synthesis in a very inspiring and playful way. 

Rainbow Circuit Rift is available now for $32 and runs as an M4L device on ‍Ableton Live 10, 11 & 12 Suite, or Standard with Max for Live installed.

More information here: Rainbow Circuit

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