VirSyn AddStation, Futuristic Additive Synthesizer With Morph Sequencing For iOS

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VirSyn has today published AddStation, a new iOS Synthesizer (AUv3) that combines advanced additive synthesis with unique morph sequencing

One of the most successful and innovative iOS developers is the Germany company VirSyn. With its synthesizers and effects, they have enriched the iOS market and brought it to the next level. Only recently, I have been using the Addictive Synth again on my iPad. A few years ago, it got a great successor with the Additive Pro. Now VirSyn brings additive synthesis again to the next iOS level with the AddStation.

VirSyn describes additive synthesis as a virtually unlimited synthesis method that is also used in AddStation. This app is, however, the next step forward giving you a tool to explore completely new sonic territories. AddStation creates unique sounds using thousands of sines per voice together with unique morph sequencing blocks blur the frontiers between analog and digital sonic realms.

Virsyn AddStation

Additive Synthese For Your Mobile Device

AddStation is an iOS app (iPhone/iPad) that includes AUv3 support. So you can use it in several instances. Do you need AddStation when you have both Addictive Synths, Cube, and Poseidon? I think so, especially if you like additive synthesis and VirSyn. It’s not a successor app or mk2 version but a new one. Very exciting is here the additive sequence blocks idea that can be described as wavetables in additive synthesis. The only difference is that there are not only waveforms in each block, but also envelopes and other settings.


  • Fractal additive synthesis
  • over 170 sound presets
  • four parts with 8 additive sequence blocks
  • sound morphing
  • up to 512 partials per voice with independent AD envelopes
  • harmonic/inharmonic spectra
  • ring modulation
  • arbitrary filter function and noise spectra
  • four independent analog-style arpeggiators
  • effects: chorus, phaser, flanger, overdrive, parametric EQ, echo/delay & reverb
  • AUv3 for host integration, AudioBus 3 compatible (intput slot) with state saving
  • Ableton Link support
  • Inter-app audio compatible (instrument/generator)
  • coreMIDI & virtual MIDI
  • audio recorder

VirSyn AddStation is available now in the Apple AppStore for $8.99 USD/9.99€.

More information here: VirSyn

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