Is Behringer working on an “Oxygene” Korg Mini-Pops 7 clone?

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Behringer shared a social media photo previewing a possible upcoming clone/replica of the Korg Mini-Pops 7 analog rhythm box.

Behringer is known for announcing new products on social media at regular intervals. Most of the time, these are pure development announcements and rarely finished products. And now there is another one. 

In a new photo, they tease a clone/replica of a well-known analog rhythm box from the past.

Behringer Korg Mini Pops 7

The Challenge of Reverse Engineering a 40-Year-Old Product

Reverse engineering a 40-year-old product is incredibly challenging. Many original components are obsolete, requiring recreation or substitution with modern equivalents, which must match the original specs closely to maintain performance and sound quality.

Testing is rigorous, involving both electronic and listening tests that can take years to perfect. Dismantling and studying the original product in detail is essential to understand its design and function.

Recreating vintage products is often harder than designing new ones because it involves preserving the original’s essence while integrating modern manufacturing techniques. This balance makes the task challenging yet rewarding, showcasing the dedication and skill required to bring these classic designs back to life.

Our purpose is to bring those historical instruments back to life and preserve their musical contribution, while making them affordable for everyone.

Behringer Korg Mini Pops 7

In the shared image, Behringer shows two things: an old, disassembled Korg Mini Pop 7 from 1966 is on the left, and a still unknown modern circuit next to it.

It has not been officially announced yet, but I firmly believe that it is a clone/replica of the Korg Mini Pop 7. Otherwise the photo of two devices side by side makes no sense.

As a reminder, the Korg Mini Pops 7, released in 1966, has an all-analog design and features 15 drum sounds and 20 patterns. Many famous musicians have used the analog rhythm box in compositions.

Jean Michel Jarre, for example, used it throughout his album Oxygene. Aphex Twin also used it on his album Syro and in homage, named a single “minipops 67 [120.2]”

It will be interesting to see whether Behringer keeps the Korg Mini-Pops 7 in its original concept or builds a more modern drum machine based on it, on which you can flexibly generate your own rhythm, etc.

I will write more about this when more is known, so stay tuned. To pass the time a little, there is a free Mini-Pops 7 emulation of this from Full Bucket Music for macOS and Windows.

More information will follow here: Behringer

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