Behringer Has Bought Many Old Synthesizers For Cloning Them?

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The MIDAS (Behringer) team visited the Tears For Fears auction in UK and bought a whole range of vintage Synths, drum machines, organs to cloning?

During the last day an auction of the band Tears for Fears took place in the UK, where rare vintage synths were auctioned. Also the team of MIDAS aka Behringer was on site to participate at this event. They not only looked at the whole thing as spectators  but also bought a lot of the vintage synths.

So they bought an old Prophet 5, PPG Wave 2.2 and so on. Now you can ask yourself, if these were bought to be cloned or not. I personally think yes and you? Leave it in the comments.

Behringer Tears For Fears

Here What Behringer Wrotes On Facebook!

Here is the rest of the 40 year old iconic products which we bought from the “Tears fro Fears” auction.

  • PPG Wave 2.2,
  • EMU Emulator II,
  • Prophet 5,
  • Hammond C3
  • 2 Leslies 
  • 2 LinnDrums.

Right now we’re bringing them to our Kidderminster Care center so we can give them a lot of love so they’ll shine again. Our people are super excited and they can’t wait to fire them up. We’ll keep you posted.

Behringer Tears For Fears

Oh and one more thing We also acquired one of most sought after and rare flagship synths of the ’80s, which was on tour with Tears for Fears. The Yamaha DX1. Only 140 units were ever made and when the product was launched in 1982, the price of the synth was a staggering US$ 14,000.

Behringer Tears For Fears

Source: Facebook

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