First Prototypes Of The Behringer 100M Modules Completed!

Behringer 100M Eurorack Eurorack Module News

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In April last year Behringer teased the first Eurorack modules which are clones of the well-known vintage Roland System 100M Synthesizer. For a long time there was no information, but now it has been announced that the first prototypes are completed. The first modules that will come to the market will be the 110 VCO, VCF, VCA and 5 other modules.

For the next two years, Behringer plans to release up to 40 modules on the market, all priced between $ 49 and $ 99.

Behringer 100m

What Uli Behringer Says!

We have now completed the prototype of the first Module, the 110 VCO, VCF, VCA and there are 5 more in the immediate pipeline. We’re currently doing the testing and will hopefully be able to release them for production soon.

We’re planning to launch close to 40 modules over the next 2 years at a suggested retail price between US$ 49 and 99 each. Wouldn’t if be great to see lots of people get into Eurorack and enjoy modular synthesis? Fun Stuff. Uli

Behringer 100M

News From April 21, 2018

The news that BEHRINGER goes to the Eurorack module market again struck like a bomb. Critics but also supports have participated in the discussions. In the meantime, Uli Behringer has presented documents on the first 13 modules on Gearslutz.

” I like to share with you the initial drafts of our M100 Eurorack Series. These are 13 MID’s or concept documents we create for every single product as part of our PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) process before we hand them over to our R&D departments for development. We haven’t decided yet which of these modules we will actually produce as it is important that we achieve a certain production volume.  As usual do we appreciate your valuable feedback which will give a better indication of validity of these products.All are based on the popular Roland 100M modular Synthesizer from the past and should cost less than 100€ per module”. 

It will be interesting to see how Roland will react to this news. So far, there is no statement from the Japanese company. One knows from the past that both companies had already conflicts: Roland/Boss guitar pedals clones. Here are the 13 different modules that Behringer may want to publish.

All 13 modules are in the evaluation whether they want to produce them or not. That depends a lot on the demand of the synth community. Each module will cost around 90 €. More information will follow.

Source: Gearslutz 


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