Behringer releases $199 Syncussion SY-1 drum synth clone/replica for standalone/Eurorack, ready for pre-order

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Behringer has today released Syncussion SY-1 drum synth for Eurorack/standalone, an authentic Pearl synth clone/replica for $199.

Update: ready for pre-order from Thomann for 199€

In the Summer of 2021, Behringer announced a clone/replica of the legendary Pearl Syncussion SY-1 drum synthesizer from 1979.

Three years have passed, and now it’s ready. The new Syncussion SY-1 drum synth for standalone/Eurorack is now shipping from the factory.

Behringer Syncussion SY-1

Official Feature Behringer Syncussion SY-1

The official feature set of the Syncussion SY-1 is now official and contains no surprises. It’s an authentic reproduction of the original Pearl Syncussion SY-1 circuitry in Eurorack/standalone format.

Like the original, it has six oscillator modes featuring single oscillator, FM, dual oscillator mox, dynamic oscillator mix, FM/noise mix, and pure noise. You can shape the sounds with the controls: tune, decay, and filter cutoff. 

Pitch sweeps are also possible with speed, range, and up/down controls for dramatic pitch dives and rises. An LFO with square and triangle waves adds vibrant effects to your sounds. The Syncussion SY-1 clone/replica also has a sample and hold circuit for random pitch changes with each hit.

Behringer Syncussion SY-1

Further, it has a MIDI implementation with MIDI channel selection and voice priority selection.

For each channel, you have a dedicated output, a tune input, and a trigger input. There is also a sensibility knob for each voice. Plus, you can find a phone socket, a mute, and a MIDI In on the front panel.

Behringer Syncussion is now in stock from the factory and is shipping for $199. 

It could take several weeks or months, depending on how quickly the dealers receive the first batches. I think it will be August/September but just an estimation.

Available for pre-order from my partner 



Article From July 2021 

Behringer continues to revive vintage synthesizers. Now it’s time for a well-known drum Synthesizer. And this time it’s not from Roland. Today, they have published photos of the prototype of the Pearl Syncussion SY-1, a clone/ replica/recreation, as you want to call it, of the original of the same name from the late 1970s.

According to the photos, the shape will be changed here and it will be published for the Eurorack format, i.e. in the same form factor as the Model D, Neutron, etc. They are asking the synth communities on Facebook if they are interested in a remake. I definitely say yes

Behringer Syncussion SY-1

Behringer Syncussion SY-1

Like the original, it will have 6 oscillator modes per channel and is capable of creating a wide range of sounds. From the classic 70’s disco “peeoww” to tight bells, thunderous Kick drums and Gnarly Bass sounds.

They can be triggered via MIDI, USB-MIDI, or via the connection on the top panel. An interesting idea is to bring back the Pearl Syncussion Synthesizer. But Behringer is not the first company to offer authentic recreations of it. For example, we saw a clone by Psycox back in 2020. But it will certainly be a very good sounding alternative to a very affordable price. Looking forward to hear it.


All details of the Behringer Syncussion SY-1 will be available soon. Stay tuned.

More information here: Behringer

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