Befaco VCMC 1.2 Adds Poly Mode & Web Editor To Its CV-To-MIDI Module Lineup

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Befaco 1.2 firmware for the VCMC & CV Thing adds a new poly mode (multiple V/oct notes into MIDI notes but with a single gate) and a new straightforward web editor

If you use a keyboard or computer with a modular system, you cannot avoid a MIDI-to-CV module. It translates classic MIDI data into CV signal. Less popular but not less useable, however, is the opposite direction that Befaco goes with its VCMC (Voltage Controlled MIDI Controller) & CV Thing modules. Both modules are designed to route notes and modulation directly from your Eurorack system into your MIDI gear. You can use it to control hardware but also your favorite software. For example, you can use your beloved experimental modulator to control parameters in Ableton Live which opens to way to make sounds and music.

The new firmware 1.2 for the VCMC and CV Thing expands this idea with several handy features. Although both modules are relatively easy to control thanks to their built-in screens, Befaco has taken a step forward with the new editor that makes even simple to configure it. You can now set all the functions of each gate, fader, CC number, channels, note numbers, MIDI ranges… directly in the interface. Another nice addition is the ability to label your function so that they get shown fully on the display. It’s just an editor, but one that makes a lot of things easier and your workflow faster. Nice.

Befaco VCMC Editor

Poly Mode

Another highlight of firmware 1.2 is the new poly mode with which you can use a single gate to control the note on/off over all 8 inputs. In easy words: 8 notes from your modular system can now play a single polyphonic MIDI Synthesizer but with one single gate. That super handy for chords, pads, overlapping notes, and more. This could be the first step for many users to use polyphony in their setups instead of monophonic sounds

Befaco VCMC Editor

However, there are many other changes that will take effect with the new firmware

New In Befaco VCMC 1.2

  • New Polyphonic mode added.
  • Changed save structure. Now there are four save spaces available.
  • 14 bit CC implemented.
  • Web configurer available here.
  • Controls now can be named. List of common names is available as well as a list of user defined names.
  • Velocity now applies to notes sent via Gates.
  • Digital functions can be mapped to CV inputs
  • Changed clock handling.
  • Changed Sysex structure to improve compatibility with MACOS
  • Panic can be mapped to gates
  • RTC initialization removed from mk20dx128.c to avoid startup issues on high loaded systems (applied to Bin file)
  • Default mapping fixed to match manual and Bitwig script.
  • Gates are no longer visualized in the screen as redundant.
  • Some minor visual tweaks on menus.
  • Improved stability on menus.Now configuring during performance is not disturbing usability.
  • Calibration ranges change depending in input range.
  • Calibration is not resetted when changing Input range.
  • In Note mode now you can choose the time for the Note OFF
  • Fader readings are smoother now.
  • NRPNs values can be set now in decimal format.
  • Fixed code to improve SPI screen compatibility.

Befaco VCMC and CV Thing updates are available as a free download on the website.

More information here: Befaco

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