MECHANISM By MTBLSM Is A New Eurorack Case With Built-In Analog Tools

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If you start with Eurorack, you always have to ask yourself how to start and how much space you need in your rack. What many don’t know at the beginning, is that in addition to oscillators, filters, envelopes etc, you also need utility modules to build exciting results. Of course, they also take away space in the case. Already last year at the Tokyo Festival of Modular, Tom, a developer from the young company MTBLSM showed me an interesting Eurorack case with another approach.

I think I know what’s going on here when you read this article: “not again another case manufacturers” but stop. The MTBLSM company has been thinking longer about the subject of utility modules in Eurorack cases. With MECHANISM, they have developed a new case that already contains several essential but also new utility functions. Big advantages here, you don’t need to buy additional simple utility modules and you have space for more exciting things.

Eurorack Case With A Built-In Power Supply

The MECHANISM is not just a simple case (3U X 95HP)  but has in addition to the analog tools also a strong built-in power supply (Output: 1100mA @ +/-12V & +5V derived from +12V rail).

Wide Range Of Utility Functions Built Directly Into The Interface

Many Eurorack cases can shine with either a good power supply, a good design or both. The MECHANISM overcome this not only with a nice design but also with a wide range of analog tools built directly into a dedicated interface in the case.

It features:
  • 2 x circular joystick sub-modules on the left and on the right side (+/- 5V factory calibration, it’s possible to calibrate them to +/- 10 if asked)
  • 3 x LFO‘s that range from approx. 0.001 Hz to 18.000 Hz with +/- 5V output
  • 1 x noise generator with +/-V output
  • 1 x sample & hold with 0 – 5V output
  • 1 x clock input that controls the clock rate via CV input
  • 1 x CV processor 01 – single input, attenuverter, slew, offset and dual buffered output
  • 1 x CV processor 02 – dual input, attenuverter, slew (input 2 only), offset and dual buffered output
  • 2 x VCA with logarithmic response, amp factor at full gain = approx 1.5

The MECHANISM Eurorack case By MTBLSM is now available for 650€. Please contact the developer to get your shipping quote.

More information here: MTBLSM 

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