Superbooth 24: Mad Sound Factory Drop, a patchable analog groovebox

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Superbooth 24: Mad Sound Factory has introduced Drop, a new wild, patchable analog Synthesizer/groovebox with banana plugs.

I’m probably repeating myself but there were tons of new synthesizers and other musical instruments at Superbooth 24. With classic but also experimental ideas.

Mad Sound Factory with their all-new Drop groovebox, is certainly one of the latter

Mad Sound Factory Drop

Mad Sound Factory Drop

Drop is the name of a new fascinating, wild analog Synthesizer/groovebox. Thanks to the special analog engine, it can be many things: a Synthesizer, a banging techno groovebox, an ambient drone generator…

Visually, the instrument is beautiful and very eye-catching. The silver knobs harmonize perfectly with the black case with the drawings. Inside the synth, it is just as playful.

The Drop’s analog core consists of a tone and a noise part. The tone part has an analog oscillator with an FM option and a 2-octave sub-oscillator. There is also a click oscillator for percussive sounds. 

A decay envelope is routed to the FM and VCA. Mad Sound Factory promises that the VCA is an old-style, extra-punchy VCA.

Mad Sound Factory Drop

Then, the noise part hosts six types of analog noise/harmonics generators with FM paired with a built-in punchy decay envelope. The VCA in the noise section has an extra portion of craziness with its Mad VCA feedback mode.

A mixer brings all four signals together. You can further shape the signals from here using an old-school soft lowpass filter with adaptive resonance and analog saturation. The latter is the “Ordinary Magic Bee Jelly Tech” designed by Zvukofor Sounds Labs.

Do you need more crunchy sounds? No problem! The output section includes discrete germanium NOS transistors for an extra analog touch.

No Traditional Clock/Sequencer

A special feature of the Mad Sound Factory Drop is that it has neither a traditional clock nor a sequencer. There are two LFOs. The first does the job. It works as a clock oscillator with a divider for triggering up to audio rates.

LFO2 also handles audio rate frequencies, has triangle and pulse waveforms, and can be used in three frequency ranges. The great fun begins with patching Drop. Not in the Eurorack way but with Banana cables. A bit of fresh synth air to the main Eurorack semi-modular synths.

The front panel has a variety of inputs and outputs. You can find independent outputs for the clock divisions, frequency modulation for the LFO, and more.

On the back side, you get a USB-C port to power the unit, also with a power bank, an on/off switch, a headphones socket, a line out, and more.

First Impression

For me, it’s certainly one of the highlights of the Superbooth 24. Mad Sound Factory has created a very fascinating, crazy analog groovebox with which you awaken your inner experimental desire I dig the user interface of it. It looks super tasty. Great job.

Mad Sound Factory Drop will be available in +/- 3 months for 750€ (estimated) with tax. 

More information here: Mad Sound Factory (MSF)

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  1. Erstmal ja ich mag Indus (eher alte Sachen). Habe aber bei solchen kleinen Kisten …das was da rauskommt “böse ” ist sich aber schnellabnutzt also nicht ganz so vielseitig ist. Besonders wenn man sich die neueren Sachen Bereich “Angstpop” dann anhört und eigentlich immer das gleiche oder ähnliche Sounds hört. Einfach gesagt das sich so eine Kiste ziemlich schnell abnutzt. Auf der anderen Seite ….. NICE aber 750 € ? Was ist den das Alleinstellungsmerkmal `?

    • 750€ weil es kein in Massen produzierter Synthesizer ist. Es wird von einer kleinen Firma in Armenien zusammengebaut mit einer Wertigkeit wie SOMA Produkte. Alleinstellungsmerkmal: es ist eine analoge Groovebox mit diversen schönen Verschaltungen. Anders als Preset Kisten, setzt man sich an solche Geräte ran und man erkundet es. Langweilig wird das Gerät somit nicht so schnell da du jedes Mal deine Patches von 0 neu machst. Abnutzen hängt von deiner Kreativität ab und was du aus dem Gerät nimmst. Es gibt Leute die nehmen aus den simpelsten Synths Sounds für 5 Alben raus

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