Tiptop Audio ART, the smart way to create polyphony in Eurorack is now available

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Initially announced at SB23, Tiptop Audio ART is a new smart way to create polyphony in Eurorack; the first modules are available now.

Creating polyphonic patches in Eurorack modular synthesis is cumbersome and costs a good amount of money. Plus, a lot of cables and patching. ART, the new signal format from Tiptop Audio, officially premiered at the last Superbooth (23), promises an easier and smarter way to work with polyphony.

This week, Tiptop Audio celebrates the official release of the first modules with this new technology built-in. The first batch is shipped to retailers worldwide and will be available soon.

Tiptop Audio ART

Tiptop Audio ART

The main idea behind the innovative ART signal format is to simplify connectivity between Eurorack modular systems and other music gear, such as hardware MIDI sequencers, keyboard synths, DAWs, and more.

It is very positive that you don’t need any fancy new cables. ART works with classic mono patch or stackable cables.

You can send monophonic and polyphonic note signals with each ART channel, including 1V/oct, gate, and various MIDI commands (pitch bend…). You can use it with multiple monophonic, polyphonic, or combinations, creating multi-channel polyphonic patches via the internal manager. All this with a minimum of cables.

According to Tiptop Audio, these new signals have low jitter and rock-solid timing. If this all works as advertised, this could be a paradigm shift for the polyphonic workflow in Eurorack. Very interesting is also that other manufacturers can also equip modules with this technology.

Tiptop Audio ART

ART Modules

For the start, there are 5 monophonic ART-enabled modules. More to come, says TipTop Audio. The fully polyphonic ART modules will be added to the lineup later. There are also two special bundles with a more attractive price. 

  • OCTOPUS (18HP): the interface that is the heart of the entire ART system with 8 drum triggers, ART, and velocity channels. Plus, MIDI input, USB, clock output, and reset output.
  • ATX1 VCO (8HP) is an analog saw VCO continuously shapable waveforms, PWM, sync, and FM. 
  • VORTEX (8HP) a dual wavetable oscillator with various built-in wavetables and controls (position, vibrato, etc.). 
  • V/OCT quantizer: (8HP) a 4-channel CV to ART converter with 1V/oct inputs, gate ins, and ART outputs 
  • Control Path (8HP): a dual ADSR envelope generator with velocity and built-in VCA.

Later, Tiptop Audio will also add the full polyphonic modules, including the Vortex 6 (6-voice wavetable oscillator), or the Octopass (8-voice filter).

These modules will then require the OCTO (I/O) interface module with the new polytip cable. It looks like a USB-C cable, but it’s a new patch cable, allowing you to transfer multiple audio signals. It’s a pipeline for your signals.

First Impression

I’m glad to see that ART is now on the market. Congratulations, Gur Milstein (CEO), for the release. I’m particularly excited to see how the Eurorack world receives the format. Whether there will be many users and when the first third-party modules will be available.

The whole thing will become a bigger topic when the poly modules are available.

Tiptop Audio ART modules are shipping now. Vortex is $245, ATX VCO $225, Octopus $345, Control Path $165, and V/Oct quantizer $255. Bundle 1 is available for $999, and bundle 2 for $945, each with seven modules. 

More information here: Tiptop Audio 

Available at my partner (soon)

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    • Maybe people want their fun to patch and have options that polysynths don’t have. Use new oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc. It’s not possible with a classic polysynth.

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