Superbooth 24: Rides In The Storm QSQ CV generator, DOC MK2, and updates

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Superbooth 24: Rides In The Storm announces QSQ, an eight-channel CV generator/interface, DOC Mk2 oscillator, and SB23 release updates.

For Eurorack musicians, Superbooth 24 will once again be a paradise. During the show, many new modules from almost every company will be previewed or it the market.

The German company Rides In The Storm, co-founded by ex-MFB employee Uwe Gieger, is also showing new modules again. Last year, they showed the super exciting synth voice SED-CSM, which is about to be released. For Superbooth 2024, they will also show all-new stuff.

Rides In The Storm QSQ DOC Mk2

Rides In The Storm QSQ

The big RIS highlight for Superbooth 24 is the QSQ, a new (26HP) 8-channel all-in-one device for CV signals and MIDI data. It can be a sequencer, a CV generator, and a MIDI-to-CV interface. Instead of four individual modules, one module can do all the duties.

QSQ is a very hands-on module with 17 endless potentiometers, several buttons, and an OLED display. It is handy because you can configure the 8 CVs and 8 gate outputs very flexibly. Sequencing is probably the most exciting part of the module.

The built-in sequencer is polymetric and can have a track length from 1 up to 64. So, each track has its own loop length, and when the lengths differ, the tracks shift phase relative to each other. You can also find a clock divider for polyrhythmic fun, a swing mode for each track, and various play modes (FFW, REV ALT, RND).

Rides In The Storm QSQ DOC Mk2

QSQ also offers some modern classic no new sequencer should be missing: random and probability, euclidian rhythm generator, glide, retrigger, scales (CV quantization), and more. According to Rides In The Storm, the QSQ will support values from 0-10V and also custom gate lengths.

Besides the sequencer, it can also generate envelopes, LFOs, and a static CV. Rides In The Storm promises that the interface will allow easy access to all tracks/parameters. The engine is also updateable via the front panel USB port.

Rides In The Storm DOC Mk2

Another piece of news for Superbooth 24 is the introduction of the DOC Mk2. It’s a further development of its budget-friendly discrete analog VCO/LFO module. It’s very compact (6HP) with a good amount of features. Rides In The Storm promises the module will have a stable tune, tracking, and wide spectral range.

It generates saw, pulse, and triangle waves. So, the traditional waveform business. Then, you can work with PWM, sync, and linear and exponential FM. The latter offers an attenuator. There is also a jumper on the back for adjusting the bus CV.

Rides In The Storm BOC & SED-CSM

Rides In The Storm BOC & SED-CSM

Okay, Rides In The Storm QSQ and DOC Mk2 are big news. But there are also updates from Last year’s announcement. The BOC and SED-CSM are ready and will be available at dealers soon. 

BOC is the big brother of the DOC and offers more shaping features. RITS describes it as a drone machine with ten wave outputs: sine, triangle ramp, pulse, triangle-wavefold outs, and four sub-oscillator outs.

That’s an impressive list. This also applies to features that include linear & exponential FM, wave folder, PWM and more. All this for a very affordable price. Nice! However, the star of the Superbooth 24 rack will undoubtedly be the finished SED-CSM —a monster of a synth voice (36HP). 

It’s an analog discrete synth voice with two VCOs with PW and sync, three SUB-VCOs, a built-in wave folder and ring modulator, a noise generator, a 24dB lowpass filter, two superfast, loopable ADSR envelopes, two LFOs/VCO, a mixer, and a VCA.

Further, it has a wide range of patching options for the individual sections, making it as flexible as working with individual modules.

First Impression

These are interesting new modules with an excellent feature/price ratio. Rides In The Storm QSQ looks intriguing from the price but also the features. I’m very curious to hear the SED-CSM, as it looks like a massive feature-packed synth voice.

Rides In The Storm QSQ will be available after the summer for 370€. The DOC Mk2 and BOC are available now for 105€, resp. 170€. The SED-CSM will be out soon for 510€.

More information here: Rides In The Storm 

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  1. That BOC module is 100% pure wagyu beefy! Impressive. Was curious about the power & depth: 70 mA +/- 12v , 25 mm depth.

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