Nozori Is A New Multifunction Eurorack Module From France!

VCO's, VCF's, Function Generators & Audio Effects In One Eurorack Module!

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The idea behind Eurorack is put together its own Synthesizer with the function you like, means many modules with different features. But there are also multifunction modules on the market that includes many of them in one single module. The latest product of Nozoïd, developer of the MMO-3 Synthesizer (review) shares the same concept.

Nozori 68 and 84 are two new Eurorack modules, which have several functions that can be easily exchanged by changing the jumper position. Two versions will be available that comes with a different hard- and software feature list. The developer has developed 40 different internal modules so far, which includes a wide range of functions: ADSR, bit-crusher, CV-Recorder, delay, 3 bands EQ, granulator, karplus-strong, morphing VCO/VCF, sinusoidal modulation, dual-LFO…

A very interesting development in my opinion. I’m a friend of such multifunction modules because they can do a lot in one single module.

Press Release: Nozori: A New Concept In The Eurorack World

A single piece of paper can be folded into innumerable shapes. In the same way, a single Nozori platform can morph into multiple eurorack modules.

Nozoid Nozori

Encouraged by public success of the OCS-2 and MMO-3, Nozoïd dust off eurorack systems with it’s new concept : nozori. This platform allow to easily switch from one module to another, with the same hardware. Changing modules is as simple as changing jumpers position!

The nozori concept consist of using the same hardware for multiple modules. This hardware is based on a powerful digital core to allow huge versatility. Potentiometers, inputs or outputs can adapt to many module designs: from standard modules like VCO, VCF, LFO to outstanding functionality never seen before. This solve two problems of the eurorack world: the price and the size of a system.

You can unleash your experimentation process without spending much on new modules : one hardware allows more experimentations since you can try many different modules. You may have a module that you did not used anymore. With a nozori, this will never happen : when your rack evolves, you only need to change few jumpers to find the perfect module for t

Nozoid Nozori

2 Hardware Versions

2 hardwares are available : the Nozori 68 with 6 potentiometers, 4 CV in, 2 audio IN and 2 audio OUT, and the Nozori 84 with 8 potentiometers, 2 audio IN and 2 audio OUT. 

This 2 platforms allow an extensive range of modules. The available list is impressive : shape morphing VCO, morphing VCF, FM or other sound generators, sequencers, shape morphing LFO, chaotic CV generators, sound effects. A total of 40 modules, have already been developed. Since the production of a Nozori module did not involve any hardware cost,  Nozoïd had developed very specific module that other manufacturers do not risk producing

Nozoid Nozori

A simple 5 modules rack offer more than 3 millions module combinations. Nozori unleash creativity at a small cost! Nozori module can be used with there reversible white / black panels. Their elegant design will perfectly fit in your rack. An extension pack is also available. It include optional front plates that can be added to show the control parameters of a specific module. This pack also expose the jumpers on the front panel to swap module within seconds

On the website, you can find sound demos for every module. 

Nozori-68: VCO parametric, VCO mod, VCO waveshaper, VCO loop, noise, VCF parametric, VCF multimode, VCA/Pan, bit-crush, pitch shift, delay, granulator, sin mod, waveshaper, karplus-strong, EQ, dual LFO, ADSR/VCA, random loop, cv recorder.

Nozori-84: VCO harmonic, VCO additive, OSC parametric, Sin FM, Sin FM Lin, Sin AM, Sin PM, Thomas Chaos, Peter de Jong VCO, Sin wave shaper, 8-bits, VCF parametric, stereo ws, LFO, LFO seq, ADSR loop, stochastic clock/ADSR/VCA, SEQ 4, SEQ 8, Peter de Jong LFO

Full specifications

  • 12U eurorack module
  • POTENTIOMETERS : 12-bits at about 18KHz sampling rate
  • AUDIO IN : 24-bits at 96KHz, DC Compatible, from +/- 5V (clip between +/- 6 to 7V)
  • AUDIO OUT : 24-bits at 96KHz, DC Compatible, delivers +/- 5V (can go up to +/- 7V)
  • AUDIO IN/OUT latency : 0.17 ms
  • CV IN : 12-bits at about 18KHz sampling rate, from +/- 5V (clip at +/- 5.3V)
  • Power consumption : +12V : 150mA; -12V : 10mA
  • 32 bits ARM Cortex M3 @ 84MHz
  • 260g
  • Low profile (only 27mm deep)

On the kickstarter campaign, the early bird can be bought for 219€. After the kitckstarter campaign, a Nozori platform will cost 249€ in Europe (including taxes), about 320$ excluding taxes outside Europe.

More information here: Nozori

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