LA67 MODii dual VC modulator and DADA dual VCA plus saturator

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LA67 has today announced two new Eurorack modules: MODii, a flexible dual VC modulator, and DADA a dual VCA with a built-in saturator. 

Lasentaysiete or shorter LA67 is still a young Eurorack module manufacturer from Barcelona. Besides Befaco, Patching Panda, Winter Modular,… another Eurorack manufacturer from the sunny city by the sea.

The company started with two interesting oscillators (T-ZED, WFM), a rich-sounding filter, and a crossover module. Today they have expanded their portfolio with two new modules.

LA67 MODii

LA67 MODii

MODii is a new dual-function generator that is inspired by a combination of circuit ideas from Serge, Buchla, and Hordijk modules. It puts a DUSG-type function generator and a VC decay envelope in a module. Both generations can be used separately but can be synchronized via the shared trigger/gate inputs.

The first generator features controls for the attack, decay, duration as well as for the shape. You can also choose between the external or internal duration. Plus, you can put it in envelope or cycle mode. Connection side, you get CV inputs for the duration, attack, and decay as well as outputs for the envelope and main out A.

Then, you have a VC decay envelope with advanced functionality. It has a VC trigger delay allowing you to break the synchronization. An internal S&H with individual output on the decay time input is available for stabilizing the CV throughout the duration of the envelope. There is also a VC gate duration control on the function generator that enables note lengths.



The second new module is DADA, a dual full-featured VCA and saturator module. It has two sides that are structured identically. Each section starts with an initial gain control and followed CV controls for the exponential, linear, and symmetry (positive/negative).

Each side has two inputs, a single output, and exponential (unipolar) & linear (bipolar) CV control inputs. There is also a dual bi-color LED level indicator that shows either the positive or negative portion of the signal.

Oh yes, there is also a built-in saturator but it only occurs once the input amplitude surpasses 5 volts. Between 5 and 6 volts you get classic saturation while beyond 6 the effects turn into full distortion.

The new MODii and DADA are interesting takes on the classic modulators and VCA modules.

LA67 MODii and DADA will be available soon for 170€.

More information will follow here: LA67

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