Superbooth 24: Instruō dàil, a compact quantizer module with extra goodies

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Superbooth 24: Instruō dàil is a new compact quantizer module for Eurorack packed with extra goodies, including a precision adder, MIDI-to-CV interface, and more.

Modules offering many different functions were among the topics at Superbooth 24. See the new Frap Tools Bagài or the new Sequencer module from Morphor.

The Scottish developer Instruō also had a new module for the Superbooth 24 that packs a lot into a small format.

Instruō dàil

Instruō dàil

dàil is essentially a new high-resolution quantizer for Eurorack. However, it hides many other useful functions via the included USB MIDI to converter expander, turning the module into a MIDI to CV interface.

Note information can be entered via the CV input, TRS MIDI or the USB host port. The latter accepts and powers class-compliant devices, allowing you to easily connect your favorite MIDI keyboard. You can switch between three 

Once connected, the bi-polar quantizer engine turns your keyboard input (scale, chord, arpeggio) into a perfectly scaled output according to the setting.

You can set the scales locally on the module by pressing a button and using the slider. There are eight major and 12 minor scales that can be recalled on the fly.

Then, dàil can transpose the input with chromatic precision (precision adder) and still have access to the original via the parallel buffered output. This feature alone makes for a great companion to any sequencer or 1V/octave source within a system, says Instruō.

On top of that, Instruō dàil is also capable of processing and generating bi-polar signals. With this functionality, you can easily play and process any arpeggios and chords.

First Impression

An exciting quantizer with nice extras—or should I say a MIDI to CV interface with a quantizer? I think both are correct in this case.

Instruō dàil is available now for £289/ $339. 

More information here: Instruō

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