Superbooth 24: Bastl Instruments THYME+, comeback of the digital robotic tape machine FX box

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Superbooth 24: Bastl Instruments THYME+ is a major further development of their popular THYME digital robotic tape machine FX box. 

Let’s stay with Bastl Instruments for a moment. Anyone who has been following the history of the friendly Czech company for a long time will know that Bastl launched an exciting delay FX box on the market a few years ago (2017). This digital processor was packed with inspiring features, including robots that provided modulation.

Unfortunately, it went EOL due to missing components and other reasons. For the Superbooth 24, the FX unit is making a comeback as THYME+.

Bastl Instruments THYME+

Bastl Instruments THYME+

Finally, it’s back and better than before. THYME+ is the successor to the original THYME FX box. It’s again a supercharged tape delay FX processor that operates like an analog tape delay machine.

Alongside improved connectivity, a better audio codec, and a few firmware tweaks and refinements, the new 2024 version’s hardware is enhanced with a compact metal enclosure, larger, more spaced-out knobs, and a sleeker faceplate, says Bastl.

The THYME+ engine gives you control over the tape speed and positions of the read heads. Do you want more density and complexity? No problem. Activate the multi-tap (multiple read heads) functionality and dive deep into tape machine delay.

Bast Instruments THYME+

You can shape these with adjustable feedback and filters, allowing you to explore the brightness or darkness of the echo tails.

A big highlight of the original THYME and the new THYME+ is the built-in robotic modulation. Each sound effect parameter hosts a dedicated robot, offering a modulation source beyond a classical LFO with envelope follower, external CV modes, and waveshaping.

Another powerful feature is its preset system. Bastl Instruments THYME+ features eight preset buttons that store custom effect settings. They can be played manually like an instrument or animated with the onboard 32-step sequencer, making transitions from one setting fascinating as well.

All that sounds super fun. Not to forget, there is also a freeze button for creating tape loops, lowpass & highpass filters, tempo sync, and more. 


On the connection side, it has stereo input and stereo output on two L/R 6.35mm jacks each. Good, the inputs have a 10k input impedance. Next to this, you have a 3.5mm jack MIDI input (type A), a CV input, a clock-in, a footswitch input, and a power supply socket. No USB, so no fear for USB noise

First Impression

Big like for this release. I’m very happy that the THYME FX is back in a new form. The concept was very unique back then and I think it will be the same in 2024. I hope I can test it at some point.

Bastl Instruments THYME+ is available now for 495€ + VAT (approx 599€ incl. VAT). Shipping starts in early June 2024.

More information here: Bastl Instruments 

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