Baloran The Pool, multi-timbral polyphonic Synthesizer, second batch ready for pre-order

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At SFF 2023, Laurent Lecatelier of Baloran gave Synth Anatomy a first look at his upcoming The Pool multi-timbral polyphonic hybrid Synthesizer. 

Good news to everyone interested in Baloran The Pool. Laurent Baloran, the developer, opened the pre-orders for the second batch on his website today. This is limited to 25 units because it is not a mass-produced but hand-crafted synth in France.

The second batch will be delivered in September. 

Baloran The Pool_____________________________________________________________________

Article From May 1st, 2023 

Laurent Lecatelier from Baloran has been working on The Pool for a long time. It’s a new hybrid multi-timbral polyphonic Synthesizer with a unique panel layout. Laurent already showed a prototype at SynthFest France last year. I did an article on this.

This year he showed the almost finished Synthesizer with all the features. Laurent Lecatelier gave me a first look at the “The Pool” Synthesizer.

Baloran The Pool first look

Baloran The Pool First Look

The Pool is a unique hybrid Synthesizer featuring a full bi-timbral panel design and four bi-timbral voice cards (8 sounds) and a two-bus effects unit. In the 8 voices version (4 voices cards), it gives you the following features:

  • Polyphonic 8 voices or MPE 8 voices: 1 VCO, 1 complex digital generators, 2 filters, 1 analog envelope, 2 digital envelopes, 3 LFOs per voice.
  • 4 voices bitimbral polyphonic or 4 voices MPE: 2 VCOs, 2 complex digital generators, 4 analog filters, 2 analog envelopes, 2 digital envelopes, 3 LFOs per voice
  • monophonic quadri bitimbral: 8 VCOs, 8 complex digital generators, 16 filters, 8 analog envelopes, 8 digital envelopes, 12 LFOs, each voice card is individually addressable (direct selection on the panel) and mutable.
  • monophonic bi-trimbral Unison (2,3,4 voices). This mode is the same as the Monophonic Bi-Trimbral mode except that all the cards play the same thing with just an adjustable detune. Other modes may be offered in the future.

The digital oscillators features various synthesis types including additive, FM, wavetable, and a new synthesis based on euclidean algorithms forming harmonies.

Sequencer And FX

Then, you get a powerful sequencer with 16 sequences from 2 to 64 steps, 3 modulation tracks, touch or encoder editing of each step of notes, duration, velocity, ratchet and tempo as well as three tracks usable as modulation. You can also draw in parameter automation for all the parameters.

The sequencer also has different scrolling modes, swing type and amplitube, variable harmony and probability, intelligent latch  seps with or without gate, and more. There is also a song mode with 32 steps 4 tracks, and touch editing. The Pool also hosts a feature-rich arpeggiator with adustable patterns, scroll orders, range, durations, velocites, ratchets, and more.

On top, you refine your sounds with a two digital effects units on two buses. The latter can be daisy-chained, parallel or independent (dedicated output for each). Each voice card can be addressed to one of the buses. Numerous effects are available and the list can easily evolve: reverb, shim, echo, chorus, phaser, flanger, etc…  there is no DSP routing in order to preserve a 100% analog signal path and allow pleasant saturations.


  • 1x 6.35 stereo and XLR TRS master output
  • 1x Bus 2 6.35 TS output
  • 1×6.35 Bus 1 stereo input/insert
  • A 6.35 stereo input (merged into mono for insertion in front of the filters) with two selectable gains
  • 2 CVs / Gates format 3.5mm configurable STrig or VTrig 5 or 10V, Volt/Octave or Hz/Volt
  • 2 individually addressable Midi Out jacks
  • 1x Midi In and Midi Thru sockets
  • 1x USB A Host socket, please provide a powered hub if the consumption of the connected devices exceeds 500mA.
  • 1x USB B socket for DAW connection and cards updates.

First Look

First Impression

The Pool is an epic sounding Synthesizer. Both analog and digital engines sound very fat. At €6000 it’s not a Synthesizer aimed at the large audience. But I am very happy to see that Laurent has now finished The Pool and can ship it soon to the customers. A fabulous boutique synth.

The first batch of the Baloran The Pool is sold out and will be shipped in February 2024. The price is 5100€ without tax and 6120€ (incl. 20% VAT).

More information here: Baloran 

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