Superbooth 24: Bastl Instruments Pizza Crust, a hard-hitting drum voice for Eurorack

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Superbooth 24: Bastl Instruments expands its Pizza platform with the Pizza Crust, a new hard-hitting digital drum voice for Eurorack.

Digital has been a big topic in the Eurorack area for some time. Thanks to increasingly powerful cores, a lot is now possible. A nice trend is modules, which allow you to exchange the firmware quickly—for example, the modules from Noise Engineering or QU-Bit.

Bastl Instrument’s answer to this is the Pizza Oscillator. Digital core with customizable engine. For Superbooth 24, Bastl Instruments expands this platform with another new module/firmware: Pizza Crust

Bastl Instruments Pizza Crust

Bastl Instruments Pizza Crust

Pizza Crust is a hard-hitting drum voice and sound generator that can also way beyond the drum field. The core consists of two layers: a noise source and a tone. 

Let’s start with the noise source. It features four modes (white noise, clap, bit, and metallic) and a built-in lowpass/highpass filter. The tone is an oscillator with four modes, including FM, FM2, dual, and ring modulation. You can shape it using different front panel controls: pitch, envelope, timbre, etc. 

The timbre slider gives two shaping options. Either slide to the left to manipulate the whole body of your drum sound (left) or slide to the right to shape the transient.

Another exciting feature is the layer fader. You can crossfade here between the two layers of Pizza Crust. At the same time, it adjusts the relative decay envelopes to achieve drum-kit-like playability, says Bastl Instruments.

Yes, there is also an envelope. It’s very a very simple, elegant implementation with a single knob. In the middle, it gives you short envelopes, longer to the right, and the left, you get shaker/reversed synth timbres.

Further, it has a clip distortion, with either soft clipping with a bass boost (left) or transient shaper with hard clipping (right). The latter is great for hard-hitting drums.

On the connection side, Bastl Instruments Pizza Crust offers the same connectivity as the previous modules. Moreover, it runs on the same hardware as the Pizza Oscillator and Basil delay. According to Bastl, they will open-source the face plate and publish the firmware in the following weeks.

First Impression

A very flexible great-sounding drum voice for the Pizza platform. I have the feeling that that one Pizza is no longer enough to check out all these beautiful firmware releases.

Bastl Instruments Pizza Crust is available now for 267€ excl. VAT (approx. 323 Eur incl. VAT) and shipping in early June 2024. Bastl Instruments will have a booth (0385) at Superbooth 24. The firmware will be released in the coming weeks. 

More information here: Bastl Instruments

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