Modor DR-2 OS012, new firmware adds drum synth models and more

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Modor has released DR-2 OS012, a free firmware update that adds three new drum synth models and an extra parametric EQ stage per instrument.

In 2023, Modor released the free OS010 firmware update for the DR-2 drum Synthesizer/drum machine. This introduced polyrhythmic clocks, a big new creative feature that unlocked new ways to create patterns. It’s also a prime example of how to make hardware more powerful with simple firmware updates. 

Superbooth 24 will be in a month, and Marcel from Modor will have a booth (W201). Is new hardware on the horizon? I don’t think so, but there is a new free firmware update that makes the DR-2 again more versatile. 

Modor DR-2 OS012

Modor DR-2 OS012

OS012 is a free firmware for existing DR-2 drum Synthesizer users. The current DR-2’s over 15 synthesis models have now been expanded to include three all-new ones.

The first new model is a rumbled kick that is based on a classic techno production trick to craft kicks. These use ducked reverb using a compressor, with additional lowpass filtering and distortion.

The new rumbled kick instrument bundles all these techniques in an easy-to-use new model with control over the envelopes, filtering, and dry kick/reverb mixing. 

Then, you can explore a new filter hi-hat model that uses less ordinary filter techniques to archive more edgy-sounding hi-hats. You can use various parameters to shape the hi-hats. For example, the t-parameter sets the balance between cymbal noise and pink noise, or the X-parameter sets the slope of both filters in steps.

The third and last new model, filter claps, is more advanced and realistic. It uses a white noise oscillator filtered around a central frequency set by the pitch parameters.

You can shape the frequencies below and above the frequency set with highpass and lowpass filtering. So it’s possible to set both slopes separately, giving you a wide range of clap sounds.

New Parametric EQ Stage

Further, the new DR-2 OS012 firmware introduces a new extra parametric EQ stage in the “after treatment” section. The latter consists of a distortion, parametric EQ, a tilt filter, and a compressor.

With this new addition, each of the six instrument slots now gets extra parametric equalization for either boosting or reducing a certain frequency range. 

First Impression

This is another big update for the DR-2. I hope the DR-2 drum synth becomes more popular, as it still flies under the radar of many music producers.

Modor DR-2 OS012 firmware is out now and is a free download for existing DR-2 users. Modor DR-2 is available now for 1750€. 

More information here: Modor Music

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