SynthFest France 2024 coming April 19-21 with Synth Anatomy video coverage

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SynthFest France 2024 will take place between April 19 and 21 in Nantes, and Synth Anatomy will bring you video coverage of the latest synths.

The synthesizer world is slowly emerging from its winter sleep. Trade fairs are coming again. The NAMM heralded the time, although we didn’t see much synth news. This was followed by Robin Vincent’s lovely Synth East event and the London Synth & Pedal Expo 2024 last month.

Superbooth 24 is around the corner but before that, the SynthFest France 2024 will be in Nantes (France) from April 19 – 21. Like last year, I will be there again. 

SynthFest France 2024

SynthFest France 2024

This year’s edition will feature the latest synthesizers and product releases from French and international developers. There will also be presentations and panel discussions in collaboration with different synth brands. 

Touellskouarn, a Eurorack and pedal developer from Brittany, will again host a DIY workshop on Saturday morning. On both evenings, there will be live concerts in the auditorium: Oliver Grall, Marc Caro, and Michael Geyre on Friday, and on Saturday, Odalie and DeLaurentis.

The following exhibiting developers and artists will be at this SFF 2024:


  • 1010music 
  • Aodyo
  • Arturia 
  • Baloran 
  • BLL Instruments 
  • BVR Instruments 
  • Embodme
  • Enjoy Electronics
  • Eowave
  • Expressive E
  • Faselunare 
  • Fred’s Lab
  • Fulgur audio
  • Joranalogue
  • Kaona
  • Kiviak Instruments
  • Kodamo
  • Korg
  • Larix-elektro
  • Morphor
  • This Is Not Rocket Science
  • and many more


  • Axel Fischer 
  • Charlotte Dubois
  • Chris Calcutt
  • Christophe Duquesne 
  • DeLaurentis
  • Francis Rimbert
  • Michel Geiss
  • Odalie 
  • Oliver Grall
  • Yves Usson
  • and many more


A tradition of the SFF is the raffle/tombolo, where you can win various hardware synthesizers and other music tech gear sponsored by the developers. The proceeds from the raffle will be used entirely to finance the event. So it’s a good deed if you take part.

Tickets are available for 10€, and the number of tickets is limited to 2000. The raffle is open online until midnight on April 18, 2024, and the drawing will take place on Sunday, April 21, 2024. You don’t have to be there to participate and win.

This year, you can win an Expressive E Osmose, Kodamo EssenceFM MKII, Haken Audio Eagan Matrix Eurorack, Kiviak Wofi, Korg Keystage 49, Arturia MiniFreak, and more.

SynthFest France 2023 Playlist

Here’s a look back at last year’s videos. I also wrote a SynthFest France report with lots of photos on

Video Coverage

This year, there is no NAMM and no Synth Pedal Expo; instead, I will join the French Synthesizer community again for three cozy days in France. You can expect many Synthesizer news in video and written form from SynthFest France 2024.

Remember to follow Synth Anatomy on Instagram. In photos and short videos, I will take you to the floors of the SFF 2024.

SynthFest France 2024 will be held between April 19 and 21, 2024, and the official website has full details.

More information here: SFF


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  1. So great you will bring some news and talks to us from this event. Hopefully we see a massive jam of you with the Fred’s Lab Manatee or kind of product presentation and interview with Frédéric. Sorry, but my GAS is very strong with this long awaited new Synth.

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