Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3, sequenced drum synth plugin now available for iOS

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Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3 is a major upgrade for its artificial neural networks-driven sequencer drum Synthesizer plugin (macOS Windows and iOS)

Update: The iOS version with AUv3 support is now available on the Apple AppStore for $3.99, an introductory price that is valid until May 10, 2024.

With synthesis, you can not only create basses, leads, or pads. Versatile drum and percussive sounds are also possible. Certain forms of synthesis are particularly suitable for this, such as FM or physical modeling..There are dedicated drum synths that make the workflow easier and quicker

One of the wildest plugins on the market is Axon from Audio Damage. This has now been upgraded to version 3 with various new features. 

Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3

Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3

Unique to the Axon 1 and 2 plugins was the combination of flexible FM drum synthesis and wild sequencing based on artificial neural networks. This uses neurons linked to one another and interacts to generate complex, inspiring rhythms.

You can influence this generation using various tools in the interface to create new sequences. Audio Damage describes this fascinating concept in these words:

Picture neurons, buzzing with energy, passing triggers in a dance of precision and chaos. When a neuron hits its trigger threshold, it doesn’t just respond; it sings, through its internal synth voice, sends a pulse out into the MIDI universe, or both. The connections between these neurons aren’t random; they’re the building blocks of a rhythm sequencer unlike any

Yes, these are also, again, part of Axon 3 but in an extended form. Version 3 features an all-new probability (likelihood) of trigger events and ratcheting functionality that greatly expands the rhythmic potential of the sequencer. 

Expanded Synth Engine

Axon 3 also benefits from a greatly expander Synthesizer voice. Besides the FM capabilities of v1/v2, it now comes with a full emulation of the beloved discontinued Boomtschack analog drum Synthesizer module. It gives you full control over the parameters and more. 

Then, you can work with pitch and scale quantization on the internal synthesizer voices. This simplifies the creation of melodic content with the Axon engine.

There is also a new Tattoo-inspired oscillator addition to the noise section. These additions nicely expand the sonic spectrum and possibilities of the Axon engine. 

Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3

The built-in mixer with pan, level, mute, and solo on each voice remains the same. This also applies to the stereo delay. Now, however, is a compressor on the master output taken from the free Rough Rider plugin.

Remember that Axon 3 is not only a drum Synthesizer plugin. It also has MIDI out capabilities, allowing you to drive other software and hardware from Axon’s sequencer.

Further, you explore a new extensive randomizer for changing some or all parameters on the fly, giving instant new results. 

Visually, the plugin also looks better than its predecessor. There is a vector-based GUI, and it can be easily scaled. Lastly, an iOS version will soon be available in the Apple Appstore with the same feature set.

First Impression

It’s a solid feature upgrade for the Axon drum synthesizer. Of course, you prefer free updates, but I think $29 is fair for a small developer like Audio Damage and the amount of new features.

Audio Damage AD057 Axon 3 is available now for an upgrade price of $89/83,95€. Existing Axon 2 can upgrade with the code AXON3UPGRADE for $29. You must be logged in to your account with an Axon 2 license (full or upgrade).

If you purchased it at Plugin Boutique, you must use their upgrade offer  (not yet available). It runs as a VST3, AU, AAX, and CLAP plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel), Linux, and Windows. The iOS version is available now for an introduction price of $3,99 until May 10, 2024.

More information here: Audio Damage

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