AVP Synth SD-6, new drum synth with 6 channels of analog goodness

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AVP Synth SD-6 is a new compact analog drum synth with six all-synthesized channels, individual outputs, and more.

Superbooth 23 is fast approaching. In less than a month, the who’s who of the Synthesizer development scene will gather again in Berlin. Not there this year is AVP Synth, the small boutique company that brought us numerous drum machines and synthesizers onto the market.

But Guga Gusein, the leading developer, is not inactive and has been developing something new in the last few months. He has now revealed it’s new analog box SD-6 on Instagram.

AVP Synth SD-6

AVP Synth SD-6

SD-6 Synthetic Drums is a new drum Synthesizer with six analog drum channels. All channels are based on drum synthesis, and no samples.  You get a bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, and a metal percussion.

Each instrument has a small but fine set of parameters tuned for each sound type. For example, the bass drum comes with level control, decay, pitch, and click, while clap replaces the click with a filter. There is also a master section with volume control.

Whether it is based on a vintage drum machine is not known. But it can also be the case that each drum channel is inspired by a different drum machine.

AVP Synth SD-6 Synthethic Drums

On the back side, you can find MIDI support, individual outputs, and trigger inputs. Very good! So that you can trigger and shape each sound individually further. You also get a mix-out that melts all the drum sounds to one output and a headphone socket.

According to AVP Synth, it will be available in different colors: grey, green, black, blue, white, and pink. Sound demos will follow shortly, says AVP Synth,

First Impression

A nice compact analog drum Synthesizer. I like the design and that the developers have fully focused on drum synth without a sequencer etc. This could be tempting for small setups. And the previous drum synths from the developer all sounded very good. So I’m sure that this one does too. An official price is not yet known, but I estimate between 400-600€.

AVP SD-6 Synthetic Drums: availability and price TBA.

More information will follow here: AVP Synth

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  1. This looks great. They do make cool sounding drum machines. But whoever feels like buying anything Russian nowadays. Besides didn’t uncle Vlad put a ban on exporting electronics..

    • i’m sorry to upset you, but most of the gear we have today has been influenced by Russian engineering and design. And today there are plenty of Russian people coming out with useful and beautiful products. This kind of negative sentiment will further divide us and does the industry and artists a disservice. Peace

    • No, its the other way around. The west banned exports of electronics to russia. But leaving politics aside, looks like a nice machine.

      • According to the BBC – Russia has banned exports of ‘electrical equipment’ to the West. Who knows if this includes musical equipment. Anyways, like I said this looks like a cool one with just the right size and I think their older machines sound excellent. For me though – it’s not the right time. Hopefully in the near future. Kumbayah

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