Sinevibes Integer is not your usual delay plugin, it’s a creative DA buffer modeling effect

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Sinevibes Integer is not your usual delay plugin, it’s a new creative digital-analog buffer modeling effect that models tech from analog BBD chips.

Delays are among the most popular effects in the world of music production. Guitarists, Synthesizer players, sound designers… Delays are used everywhere. They are just as popular with developers. Delay circuits/topologies can serve as the core to create many effects: flanger, chorus, reverb… 

Sinevibes, who like to go beyond the normal, has created a new effect plugin based on BBD chips. 

Sinevibes Integer

Sinevibes Integer

The title of the article already gives it away. Integer is not your traditional, “more of the same” delay plugin. It’s a new effect based on a modeled variable sample rate technology found in analog bucket brigade device (BBD) chips. Sinevibes describes it as a digital-analog buffer modeling FX. 

Integer’s algorithm can produce different delay time values by varying the speed of its internal sample clock. It also has multiple buffer sizes, three output interpolation types, and an ultra-wide clock range, from hundreds of Hz to tens of MHz. 

This flexible clock can vary the audio resolution and character of the processor, allowing for a plethora of different delay-based effects. 

Then, you can also modulate the delay time with a flexible, built-in sine LFO. Optional stereo expansion and lovely, fine-tuned chaotic randomization give you more flexibility.

In addition, it hosts some neat “always-satisfying sounding” additions in its core that prevent overloads, and more, including adjustable low/high-pass filters, a brick-wall limiter, and more.

Sinevibes promises that Integer is capable of a huge variety of effects. From delay, chorus, and flanger to charismatic loops and drones, brick-wall filtering, sample rate manipulation, and anything in between. 

Three examples can be found in the linked video demos. It does not sound like a classic delay, that’s for sure.

First Impression

An exciting new effect from Sinevibes that shows a “delay” from a different angle. Especially the unusual effects that Integer can do sound very tempting. 

Sinevibes Integer is available now for $29. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Windows) and Windows.

More information here: Sinevibes 

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