2getheraudio Space Duck, A Delay/Reverb Plugin Made For Creative Ducking

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2getheraudio Space Duck, a versatile but intuitive delay/effect plugin for PC & Mac that is about one thing: creative ducking that goes far beyond classic ducking. 

If you’re looking for a classic reverb or delay, don’t read any further here. Space Duck is unusual and a lot of things that normal reverbs or delays cannot do. Space Duck is based on a reverb and delay combo that is supported by a ducking circuit. So your d & r don’t crowd your mix. The reverb is equipped with 27 impulse responses plus several additional effects (bit-crushing, decimation, granular and filter) with which you can craft your own reverb tone.

Space Duck’s delay features addition fractal filter and modulation effects that gives you more sound design options. The developer describe the final result of both effects an effect with some attitude. It works well on guitars, vocals, but of course also on synths. With the built-in sub-effects (granular, decimator…), you can drive the whole effect in the experimental fields nicely. For a minimum price of $10, a very interesting effect plugin.

2getheraudio Space Duck


  • A professional ducking delay and reverb effect with simple and expert editing options
  • Great for guitar, vocal or keyboard tracks
  • Ducking circuit for keeping your mixes clean and uncluttered
  • Includes 64-bit VST, AU and AAX effects plugins for compatibility with all DAWs
  • Independent Dry adjustment for use on an aux buss
  • Unusual effects for sound design experimentation
  • 100 Factory Presets to ignite your creativity

2getheraudio Space Duck is available as a “choose your priced” download, starting from $10 USD.

More information: 2getheraudio

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