Sequential Prophet X, the discontinuation of the hybrid Synthesizer

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Sequential has announced the discontinuation of its Prophet X hybrid synth/sample Synthesizer due to the unavailability of key components.

Dave Smith released many legendary synthesizers during his lifetime, including the Prophet 5 analog Synthesizer. He also dared to introduce different instruments onto the market, like the Poly Evolver, Tempest drum machine, or the Prophet X/XL in 2018. 

We now have to say goodbye to the last one. The production of the Prophet X has stopped.

Sequential Prophet X discontinuation

Sequential Prophet X Discontinuation

RIP Prophet X. Sequential has announced the discontunation of its latest hybrid Synthesizer today. It’s a hybrid synth because it uses samples and synthesis to generate the sound. Plus, analog filters.

According to Sequential, they discontinued it due to the unavailability of several key components. However, they are committed to ongoing support and ensure that Prophet X continues to be a reliable partner in the users’ musical journey.

The same applies to the sample creator 8Dio, with which Sequential worked together for the PX release. They will carry on offering their collections of add-on sample packs for the Prophet X. 

It’s a shame that the Prophet X is being taken off the market. In my opinion a very underrated Synthesizer from the current Sequential portfolio. The ability to load multi-samples and combine them with classic subtractive synthesis is a powerful combo. 

The third party packs from Espen Kraft, for example, show how special the synth is.  But you also have to say that I would, of course, have liked more updates from Sequential’s side. Especially with new creative features. 

I’m curious whether Sequential will take a similar approach again or whether they’ll stick with classic synthesizers in the future. I found the idea exciting, but the implementation wasn’t perfect in places. 

The last Sequential Prophet X units are available now for $3499,99/3499€ 

More information here: Sequential

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