Elektron Digitakt is no longer in production, says Thomann, MKII for Superbooth 24?

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Elektron Digitakt hardware sampler groovebox is no longer in production, says Thomann, will we see a MKII version for Superbooth 24?

In January 2017, Elektron unveiled the Digitakt, an 8-voice digital sampler, at NAMM 17. The release came four months later in May 2017. The small box became a huge success in a very short time and is still one of the most popular hardware samplers on the market today.

In these seven years, Elektron has constantly upgraded the feature set of its mono samples with new firmware versions. But Digitakt’s time seems to have run out, if you believe the information from Europe’s largest retailer

Elektron Digitakt no longer in production

Elektron Digitakt No Longer In Production?!

A user reported on Reddit that he wanted to order an Elektron Digitakt from Thomann. They then informed him that it was no longer available. The supplier also informed them that the Digitakt is no longer in production.

At this point, I cannot confirm whether the message is real. But I assume so. 

Elektron Digitakt no longer in production

Another indication can be found on the official Elektron website. Here, too, the Digitakt is out of stock. It also applies to the special e25 Remix Edition. 

Both are indications that the Digitakt’s time may have expired. 

Digitakt MKII At Superbooth 24?

The moment seems perfect to me. In two months, the Superbooth will retake place in Berlin. Last year, Elektron surprisingly showed the Analog Heat + FX. It may well be that we will see the Elektron Digitakt MKII this year. It would be a perfect fit if Elektron presented it there.

What features should a Digitakt MKII have? What should it be able to do better?

The quick workflow must be part of an MKII again. I would like it if the Digitakt became a stereo sampler and got more internal memory (over 1GB). A nice addition would also to have more sampler modes, including time-stretch, maybe granular, and other more creative ideas. 

Resampling options, automatic sampling à la Maschine+/Akai MPC, and more filters/effects would be exciting. Many people would also be happy about an expanded sequencer with 128 instead of 64 steps, and other extras. 

I’m curious whether we’ll see a Digitakt MKII at Superbooth 24. The Thomann info and the official website suggest that the original Elektron Digitakt is no longer in production. Stay tuned for more information. 

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  1. My wishlist:
    Per track fx (delay, reverb, chorus, phaser/flanger)
    Polyhonic sample playback
    Long samples
    All 16 tracks can be either sample or midi (= up to 16 polyphonic stereo sample tracks)

  2. The digitakt doesn’t really need more features. Too many options can make a product clunky and uninspiring. If you want more features get an octatrack?

    • I did exactly that for the “extra features” but found out the octatrack had a steep learning curve. The OS was not intuitive to me. The digi just needs better access to samples, an Sd card and 16 sample slots.

  3. mk2 lineup feature request: p-locking delay, reverb, and mixer values. for example I’d love to mute external audio with a trig.
    digitakt mk2 request: flanger & phaser per track please.
    and of course expanded memory!!

  4. Hardware side I would love a direct record ( with record + track you can record to whatevever track) button, to me weakest point of digitakt compared to sp404 / OT / maschine / EP133, etc is that you have to stop your music to sample, it also needs more memory, especially more memory per project with the new ” long samples features” even more memory will be needed if samples become stereo. Then Direct drop sample to the machine would be sweet. Either with the phone or Sd, wifi…
    Connectivity side I would love to have minijack in and out to connect whatever music source with it, send and receive CV. On softtware side it really needs a sync record option, can’t believe it’s not here with the new long samples mode. Then more effects would be sweet ( phaser / flanger / granular, stutter, tape emulation…) , I would especially love to have same modulation sources ( env follower ! / cv ) as analog Heat. And then I would love better midi tracks with the possibility to save as ” midi sounds” your cc numbers and ability to rename them.

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