ConvertWithMoss, free open-source multi-sample converter tool for hard- and software

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ConvertWithMoss is a free, open-source software that creates and converts multi-sample files to a different hard- and software destination format.

Everyone knows the situation. Great joy when a hardware or software sampler/Synthesizer offers the option of loading your samples. Even better if it can handle multi-samples. Disillusionment when it comes to importing these files.

Since the developers have not agreed on a standard common format, you must first convert them to the right one. With many different formats, this can be cumbersome. There is another way. The German developer Jürgen Moßgraber has created a free, open-source tool that makes the multi-samples creation and conversion work easier.



Jürgen Moßgraber’s free tool is called ConvertWithMoss. It’s not new. It is already in version 7.5. Since there was already an open-source project today, I’ll stick to the topic.

ConvertWithMoss is a free, cross-platform (macOS, Linux, Windows) tool that converts your multi-samples from a specific source to a different destination format. 

Particularly amazing, and a highlight of the tool is that it has hardware and software instruments as sources and destinations. Including 


  • 1010music blackbox, tangerine, bitbox (preset.xml)
  • Akai MPC Keygroups (*.xpm)
  • Korg KMP/KSF (*.KMP)
  • Korg wavestate/modwave (*.korgmultisample)


  • Bitwig Studio multisample (*.multisample)
  • DecentSampler (*.dspreset, *.dslibrary)
  • Native Instruments Kontakt 1-7 (*.nki) – destination only Kontakt 1
  • SFZ (*.sfz)
  • SoundFont 2 (*.sf2) – read only
  • TAL Sampler (*.talsmpl)

This lets you quickly convert multi-samples from one format to the other, such as a SoundFont in an MPC file. And with update 7.5, it now also supports OGG and FLAC format with SFZ files.

Another excellent feature of ConvertWithMoss is the ability to create multi-sample files from plain wav files. So, you can create very easily your own mapped instruments.

First Impression

This is great software that you shouldn’t miss when working with multi-samples. I hope that the EXS24 format will be added soon. It would be super handy because Logic Pro has a built-in autosampler with which you can automatically sample hardware and software instruments.

The results are saved in EXS24 format. If you could transform these EXS24 into another format with ConvertWithMOSS, that would be super great. 

ConvertWithMoss is now available for free download for macOS, Linux, and Windows. It is licensed under LGPLv3, and the source code is available on GitHub.

More information here: mossgrabers

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  1. Maybe that’s going to make the wavestate fun for me? I’m bot a fan of plowing through those endless samples in that synth/vst. Let’s see how easy it is to make a sample yourself with that software, because the tutorials on Youtube taught me what a hassle that was…

  2. Support for Emulator x3 .exb format would be epic too! Such timeless libraries, also has the auto-sampling feature of EXS24..

  3. Can this convert all the protected Kontakt 3/4/5 libraries I’m sitting on so I could use them with Live’s Sampler?!

    • no, your sentence already contains the answer to this question: “protected” 😉 Protected means, the developer has locked the sample content. There are libraries with uprotected content. In this case, you can find the samples in a folder

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