Superbooth 23: Elektron Analog Heat + FX, the analog FX box with digital goodies

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Superbooth 23: Elektron has supercharged its popular Analog Heat sound processor in a new version with new digital FX and more. 

Superbooth 23 hasn’t started yet, but it’s shaping up to be a massive event with tons of new gear. The Swedish developer Elektron also wants to get involved in the release party.

They announced the Analog Heat + FX, the successor of its beloved analog sound processor Analog Heat.

Elektron Analog Heat + FX

Superbooth 23: Elektron Analog Heat + FX

Elektron Analog Heat + FX is a new dynamic processor that is the next generation of Elektron’s analog effects processor. This time, however, more of a hybrid effects beast.

Analog side, it hosts eight fully analog stereo distortion circuits ranging from a subtle clean boost to complete annihilation; then, you can shape and carve your signals using the analog multimode filter and 2-band adaptable EQ. The latter allows you to fine-tune your low and high ends. Plus, you get to fracture your sounds using the noise gate.

Then the journey continues digitally. The new Elektron Analog + FX adds a bunch of creative effects, including warble for vintage-style inaccuracy, chorus, delay, and reverb for adding space and time to your tracks. Plus, you get bit & sample reducer, a compressor, and a bass focus.

Powerful is the ability to reorder all effects to experiment and find your own signal flow. Perfect for adding depth, dimension, complexity, and color to your music, says Elektron.

The Analog Heat + FX offers 512 slots to recall your patches instantly. There is also a built-in modulation engine. It hosts an envelope follower, and three multi-wave LFOs.

Elektron Analog Heat + FX Superbooth 23


On the back, you get a stereo input, stereo output, two control inputs for control voltage, and expression inputs, or foot switches. There is also a full-size MIDI in, out, and thru with din sync for the classics. Analog Heat + FX also has a USB connection for seamless computer integration with Overbridge. Thanks to this technoligy, you can use it also as an audio interface.

First Impression

A neat update for the popular Analog Heat. Combining this with digital effects is a logical next step. It now costs €100 more, but you get more features.

Elektron Analog Heat + FX is available now for $999/999€.

More information here: Elektron

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  1. Is it possible to use the Elektron Analog Heat + FX not only as an insert / send effect, but also as an instrument in your DAW via Overbridge (for recording external audio)? Maybe I’m not up to date, but I think this was not possible with the previous versions.

    • Hey. Create an audio track and use the heat as an insert . Then record the audio. Heat has internal audio routing configuration settings and you can record the analog audio coming into via overbridge. This is how I have been using it recently.

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