Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop, portable hardware looper retruns in a feature-richer version

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Critter & Guitari has released a new version of its cute portable looper Kaleidoloop with extended features, including new playing modes and more.

The Organelle, 201 Pocket Piano, and the EYSEY are all synthesizers from Critter & Guitari. Besides its unique concepts, the instruments stand out with their very adorable designs.

I didn’t mention the Kaleidoloop from 2016. That’s because the instrument was discontinued. Today, the portable sampler/looper returns in a new feature-richer version.

Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop new

Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop New

The new Kaleidoloop is here. Again, it’s very cute, but it’s now in white, has a different form factor, and has a slightly tweaked interface. Its smaller form factor makes it more portable. Critter & Guitari promises that it is just as fun and loud as the OG.

On the interface, the mono input and output have moved to the left. The button keys have different positions and you can work with an additional knob. More hands-on control is always welcome.

However, the Kaleidoloop’s concept remains unchanged. It’s again a compact sampler/looper for on-the-go. You can sample into the unit using the goose-neck microphone. Everything you record (WAV at 48K 16-bit) with the Kaleidoloop is saved to the microSD card. 

Like the original unit, it features various playback modes. In the new version, you can explore six playback modes, three speed manipulation modes, and three effects. Dedicated playback controls let you dive into real-time sonic manipulation of your loops.

Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop new

Pure-Data Modes

A highlight is the customizability of the modes coded in Pure Data. Users can create their own modes or simply upload new modes shared with the community.

That sounds exciting because it makes it super flexible. So, you can turn it from a simple looper, for example, into a granular or spectral processor.


Another new functionality of the new Kaleidoloop can be found in the operation. Previously the looping stopped when you recorded another sound. In the new version, looping continues during recording, so you can build up layers of sound with just one device.

On the back, you have a USB-C port for power, alternatively batteries, a microSD slot with an 8GB card (7GB of storage and about 20 hours of recording time), and a USB-A host port. Not to forget, on the front, you also have the speaker that gets loud, promise the developers. 

There probably wasn’t time for a new video. So, I linked the crazy “vintage” video from 2016, which is still worth checking out.   

First Impression

It’s very nice to see that the Kaleidoloop is back on the market with updated specs. But for 2024, mono sampling is somewhat limited. The possibility of using stereo samples would certainly have been very nice.

On the other hand, the new ability to customize the modes is a step forward, and exciting to see what kind of modes will see from the community.

Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop is available now for $375. 

More information here: Critter & Guitari 

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    • different concept: it’s for live capturing and than manipulating on the fly. Not to play back hundreds of samples like an MPC

      • Right….and it would seem even more vital that a screen could have been more helpful. I am sick and tired of hearing this idiocy that a screen is a detriment! More information is always helpful does not mean you have to use it of course.

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