Behringer SP-2400 Sampler – An E-Mu SP-1200 Clone In The Development?

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It is noticeable that Behringer has not made a new product announcement or published a new PCB guess game in February. After they introduced the Crave Synthesizer in January, it was quiet around the company. This also Behringer possible thought. Our friends of have today published a new prototype render of a new SP-2400 sampler.

I can not confirm the truth of this information, but it seems that Behringer is working on a clone of the iconic E-Mu SP-1200 sampler. What is clear: it would be a modern version without floppy disks but with USB and possible internal memory. Since the PCB is called SP2400, it may be that the device includes two SP-1200 clones in one device.

Behringer SP2400

What We Already Recognize

  • active EQ for channels 3-6  or 3-5
  • filter for channels 1-2
  • sampler input LP AMP
  • channel 1 out on the right and channel 8 out on the top left (8 outputs)
  • mix out
  • stereo in followed by MIDI In/Out/Through jacks
  • powered & USB jacks
  • post EQ
  • post amp
  • Cutoff 1 frequency
  • resonance 1
  • GNDA
  • Cutoff 2 frequency
  • resonance 2

Whether the published image on is true or not can be said at this time. There is currently no information from Uli on the Behringer Facebook page or Gearslutz.

More information: Behringer

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