Chase Bliss Mood MKII 1.1, new firmware revives the original stretch mode, and new Bright Light Edition

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Chase Bliss has released Mood MKII, a stereo upgrade of its spatial delay reverb designed in collaboration with Drolo FX and Old Blood Noise Endeavors. New Bright Light Edition and firmware 1.1 brings the original MK1 stretch mode back. 

In March 2023, so a year ago, Chase Bliss released the Mood MKII pedal. An impressive upgrade for its popular micro-looper delay reverb pedal, taking it to the stereo world. For me, it was a pedal highlight of the year 2023. 

This month, they celebrate its first birthday with two goodies: a new firmware and a beautiful new limited edition. 

Case Bliss Mood MKII Light Bright Edition

Chase Bliss Mood MKII 1.1

The new Mood MKII Bright Light Edition is a limited edition designed by Eric Nyffeler. It’s limited to 2000 units, says Chase Bliss.

A beautiful version of the Mood MKII. The color mix and the illustrations are eye candy. My fingers are already itching to press the buy button. Besides this special version, there is a new firmware to explore.

The big highlight of firmware 1.1 is the return of the original MOOD MKI stretch mode. According to the developers, it had a soft and wispy character. You can now explore this unique character in the MOOD MKII’s classic mode, so you have two pedals in one. 

The Bright Light Edition is 469€, the same price as the regular Mood MKII.  Firmware 1.1 is a free download for existing users. Both the new version and the firmware are available from the official website. 

Article From March 16, 2023

There are tons of effects pedals—very cheap and very expensive, from small and big players. Only a fraction of them can stand out from the crowd—the same game as in the Eurorack world. The Make Noise of the guitar pedal world is Chase Bliss.

Every new release creates a massive interest in the community, whether it’s a guitar or Synthesizer player. This is also the case for the new release. Chase Bliss has released a new exciting pedal. Not an entirely new pedal but a major further development of a best-seller.

Chass Bliss Mood MKII

Chase Bliss Mood MKII

The new Mood MKII is the official sequence of its unique MOOD multi-fx pedal, which features a micro-looper and delay. The pedal is designed in collaboration with Drolo FX and Old Blood Noise Endeavours.

It has two DSP cores, each of which was co-developed. The first section, created by Drolo FX, is an always-listening looper, now with overdubbing. It continuously records until you turn it on and creates micro, stuttering, and rhythmic loops. OBNE has developed the second channel, the reverb and delay part of the pedal featuring impressive spatial and modulation capabilities.

New in the Mood MKII is the signal path. It’s no longer mono but now works in stereo. Something the designer Andy Othling always wanted from the beginning. Then, you can now switch between two loop length modes when generating micro-loops. There is a new freeze function that can infinitely repeat signals from the wet channel. Great for creating ambiance and rhythmic patterns.

Another highlight is the improved handling of the micro-loops. If you move between modes, all the loops you create are preserved in the memory so you can keep adding as you go. Plus, the stretch function now works in both forward and reverse.

Chase Bliss MKII

More New Features & Improvements

Chase Bliss also improved the MIDI integration. All the parameters can now be controlled externally via MIDI, and both channels can be synced to a MIDI clock. MOOD’s transposition function can now be controlled with a MIDI keyboard, so you can turn the pedal into a granular Synthesizer.

Other new highlights: a smooth clock, refresh mode, level balance, fading loops, and tone control. There are more points where Chase Bliss has updated the pedals, including noise-free clocking, purer-sounding modulated reverb, a delay time knob is more precise, in tape mode, the loop length is controllable, and more.

An absolute recommendation is the Mood MKII official video. The pedal is already sonic art because of its many creative features, and so is the video. Very playful, and has lots of lovely details, a feast for the eyes.

First Impression

It’s a nice update for a very popular pedal. Listening to the results of the mono version (Mood MKI) was already great sonic cinema. Highly recommend the “Knobs” channel demos. Now, in stereo and with more features, I’m pretty sure the pedal will shoot the granular delay/reverb goodness into new spheres. I’m really looking forward to the demos.

Chase Bliss Mood MKII is available now for pre-order for $399/469€ from the official store. It starts shipping in late April 2023.

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