Pigtronix Cosmosis, a morphing stereo ambient reverb pedal

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Pigtronix Cosmosis is a new compact stereo reverb pedal with various algorithms and built-in parameter morphing. 

Reverbs are one of the most popular effects in the music world. Whether you’re a guitarist or playing a synthesizer, we love reverbs. For the latter, it is particularly important that the reverb is stereo, as most synthesizers have a stereo signal path.

But to get this you often have to dig deeper into your budget. The market for budget-friendly stereo reverbs with a lot of features is rather small. With the Cosmosis, Pigtronix has released a reverb that is particularly exciting for the synth community. It’s stereo, has a good feature set, and is very affordable at $219.

Pigtronix Cosmosis

Pigtronix Cosmosis

Cosmosis is a new high-fidelity ambient stereo reverb pedal. Immediately noticeable is the size. It’s a very compact pedal that doesn’t take up much space. But don’t let the size fool you. There is a lot at the core. 

Pigtronix new pedal features three newly developed algorithms: theatre, temple, and cosmos. The three space algorithms found inside of Cosmosis are all-original and truly unique, promising the developers. 

  • Theatre is a vintage-inspired small room sound ranging from cozy to reflective;
  • Temple occupies a dramatic, large indoor space by implementing numerous long reflections in both parallel and series.
  • Cosmos creates an enormous spectrum of heavenly reverb derived from the harmonic content it’s fed.

The interface has various hands-on parameters allowing you to tweak each algorithm according to your sound taste. You can adjust the sizes of it, filter it (tone – highpass filter), and set the dry/wet mix with the blend knob. Plus, if you set the size knob to the smallest value, you can turn your reverb also into a full-wet reverse reverb.

Pigtronix Cosmosis

Morphing Reverbs

The highlight of the Cosmosis reverb is the morphing functionality available in real-time by pressing the left footswitch. With this you can make the reverbs sound more organic and lively using parameter variations. 

Players can set both “red” and “green” values on their Tone, Blend, and Size knobs, then engage the Morph footswitch to oscillate between the two reverbs at their desired rate. You can assign any combination of knobs to morph. This gives you subtle movements up to epic, cinematic-like morphs.

Nice you can save up to four custom reverb presets, including morphing right in the pedal.

Connection side, you get a two mono 6.3mm input and output sockets (stereo L/R) and a remote input. There is also an input for a 9VDC power supply.

First Impression

It is an intriguing pedal for creating ambient soundscapes. This could fit very well with synths and other electronic sounds. 

Pigtronix Cosmosis is available now for $219

More information here: Pigtronix 

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