Befaco Octaves VCO, Pony VCF, and MIDI Thing v2, three new modules

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Befaco has released three new modules: Octaves VCO, an additive oscillator, Pony VCF with feedback, and a MIDI Thing v2 MIDI to CV converter.

In less than two months, the Superbooth will occur again in Berlin. There will be many new module announcements and releases again. Befaco has already today presented some of the new releases you can check out on their booth in May. 

Octaves VCO, Pony VCF, and MIDI Thing 2 are three new exciting Eurorack modules.

Befaco Octaves VCO Pony VCF

Befaco Octaves VCO

Octaves VCO (12HP) is Befaco’s unique take on an analog additive oscillator. It derives six bands, aka multiplications of the base frequency of a square oscillator. (F, 2F, 4F, 8F, 16F, 32F). 

By flexibly mixing these multiplications together, you can archive special pulse tones. Befaco describes it as a lo-fi retro/chip tune wall of squared sound. It features six doubled frequency pulses, or octaves, with common PWM and volume control for each.

The volume section comprises six VCAs, giving you manual control with the soldiers or via CVs. 

Then, Octaves VCO  has a dedicated output for each multiplication cascaded to the next one, so you can have one output with all frequencies. Alternatively, you can break the chain, get several sums, and modulate each independently!

Pony VCF

With the Pony VCF, they are expanding their compact-sized Pony series with a filter. It is built around the SSI2144 FATKEYS™ Chip that creates the classic transistor Moog ladder 4-pole 24dB/octave filter sound. According to Befaco, it doesn’t have the associated distortions due to Dave Rossum’s “improved ladder” topology.

Pony VCF has a neat circuit design and a rich feature set. The signals enter the module via the built-in three-channel mixer. From here, they go through the filter. It has classic cutoff and resonance controls. Both manual and CV control is available for the parameters. For the cutoff, you get two CV inputs.

Octaves VCO Pony VCF MIDI Thing 2

CV 1 offers selectable routing as extra goodies, allowing you to control just the cutoff or the cutoff and the built-in VCA simultaneously. Plus, the mixer has a feedback circuit on channel three for wilder filtering sounds. 

Not to forget, the Q and frequency are temperature-compensated while the volume is compensated to the resonance. So you don’t get the classic issues known for Moog-style filters. 

MIDI Thing V2

Further, Befaco also released MIDI Thing V2, initially announced at Superbooth 23. It’s a major upgrade for its Swiss army knife MIDI to CV converter module. 

It’s an expanded 6HP version of their original with tons of new features. One of the new highlights is a screen for easy channel configuration. Also great is the new USB host port, next to the MID in/out ports, which allows you to connect your favorite MIDI controller. 

Unlike the original, it now hosts 12 converter channels that can be fully configured. MIDI Thing 2 supports monophonic and polyphonic modes, helpful for addressing several voices at the same time.

The module also includes some handy tools, which you can never have enough of in a Eurorack setup, including built-in ADSR envelopes, LFOs, and oscillators. The entire module can be configured in an easy-to-use web editor. 

Lastly, it offers a bridge mode for VCV Rack, making it easy to communicate the popular software modular Synthesizer.

First Impression

Three exciting new modules. I have had my eye on the Midi Thing v2 in particular since its announcement last year. It offers plenty of good stuff in just 6HP. The additive oscillator, on the other side, also looks intriguing as its a fresh idea for an oscillator.

The new Befaco Octaves VCO and Pony VCF will be available on March 28th, 2024, for 210€ and 165€ + VAT, respectively. DIY versions will be available for 160€ and 120€ + VAT. MIDI Thing V2 will be out on April 18th, 2024, for 270€ + VAT, and the DIY version for 200€ + VAT.

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