HOT Deal: EBS ReTracer Delay Workstation Pedal Now Only Costs 79€ (80% OFF) (+Review)

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Grab for a limited time the EBS ReTracer Delay Workstation for just 79€, a high-quality stereo multi-algorithm delay pedal with tons of features.

Do you remember the Elektron Analog Drive Mega Sale, where the pedal was available for just € 89?  It was definitely a bargain. This deal is unfortunately not back but another one which is also very exciting. Thomann is currently offering the EBS ReTracer Delay Workstation Pedal for € 79, which is an 80% discount from the normal list price. Probably the pedal is discontinued and Thomann bought a big rest stock.

EBS is not known to many synthesizer people because the brand is mainly active in the bass guitar area. The pedal, however, is very tempting for bassists, guitarists but also for synthesizer players. That’s because it’s stereo, offers a lot of algorithms, and sounds great for the price. Don’t panic, the pedal is not out of stock, it will only arrive in 1-2 weeks.

EBS Retracer Delay Workstation

EBS ReTracer Delay Workstation

The RetTracer Delay features a dozen unique delay engines, all with their own adjustable parameters. It includes double, split, ping pong, tape, pitch, reverse, filter, rhythms, and more. A variety of good delay algorithms that also work well with synthesizers. The pedal runs on 24-dB audio, 48 kHz sample rate for high sound quality, and a dynamic range of 115dB. The pedal works in mono, stereo, and dual/true stereo modes, making a versatile pedal.

ReTracer has 200 user presets which gives you a lot of space for your own sounds. The built-in MIDI interface with MIDI in/thru on mini-jacks let you sync the delay to other gear and is particularly interesting for Synthesizer players. Besides these, the pedal has some neat extra features like a looping functionality with 12 tempo subdivisions, tap tempo, expression pedal support& more.

Hardware Editor

The pedal goes very deep and offers a lot of parameters. To simplify this workflow, EBS offers a PC/Mac editor that gives you access to all parameters and the ability to manage presets.

It runs from an external 9-18V DC power supply, so no extra hassle with a special one.

Review With Synthesizers


The deal is limited. How many units Thomann gets is not known nor how long the deal will last. For the price, it’s a great stereo delay pedal with lots of options. So far the TC Electronic (MusicTribe) Flashback 2 was a no-brainer delay.

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