NANO Modules takes the VCV Random CV generator to Eurorack

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NANO Modules VCV Random is the hardware Eurorack version of the well-known 4-type random CV generator and S&H for VCV Rack. 

Getting started in the Eurorack world can be tricky. How big should the first rack be? Which modules are the right ones, analog or digital,… You can quickly make mistakes and spend a lot of money on modules you don’t use. Tip: before diving into Eurorack, explore VCV Rack, the software counterpart 

The software is a huge success because, on the one hand, it is a fully-fledged, free modular synth, and, on the other, it is a kind of demo version for Eurorack. Developers have also noticed this and are constantly bringing their own software versions of their modules to VCV Rack. A popular module now takes the opposite way. 

NANO Modules VCV Random

NANO Modules VCV Random

A beloved module in VCV Rack is the Random from the fundamental library. This can also be explored in Eurorack. 

NANO Modules from Valencia (Spain), has moulded the code of it in hardware. Like the virtual version, VCV Random is a random CV generator with four distinct types of randomness and a triggerable sample-and-hold (S&H) function.

The interface that gives hands-on control over the algorithms makes the module exciting to me. No endless menu diving, just direct control with sliders. That’s how it should be. 

VCV Random features four sliders that set the internal clock tempo (rate), shape the probability of triggering (prob), blend old with new values (RND), and set the shape of all four random outputs (shape).

CV control for each parameter with dedicated attenuverters allows you to take the algorithms in wilder fields.

Four SHAPE Outputs

On the I/O side, it has a trigger input, a CV input, a trig output, and four distinct shape outputs with different characteristics (step, lin, exp, and smth). 

  • STEP: jumps to the new value in one step at 0% SHAPE, and divides the transition into 16 steps at 100% SHAPE.
  • LIN: immediately reaches the new value at 0% SHAPE, and takes the whole clock cycle to do so at 100% SHAPE, staying constant in between.
  • EXP: shifts exponentially, becoming linear at 100% SHAPE, with its pace adjusted by the SHAPE slider.
  • SMTH: transitions smoothly, with the speed controlled by the SHAPE setting, holding at the target until the cycle ends.

Further, you can normalize the LIN output to the four CV inputs, which enables you to adjust the amount of modulation for each parameter with the attenuverters.

This option unlocks self-modulation and adds more layers of randomness to the module. A demo video of the module is not yet out. According to NANO Modules, there will be a DivKid demo soon. I linked a demo of the software version. 

First Impression

Great to have this fascinating module in hardware. It’s very positive that the developers left it as hands-on and direct as in VCV Rack. This would fit perfectly in my system since I focus on modules in my rack that follow the “analog path” with instant playability. 

NANO Modules VCV Random is available now for $189,99 / 165€

More information here: NANO Modules

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