Aion Modular 3P: Recreation Of The Moog Modular IIIP & Model 15 In Eurorack Format

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Aion Modular, a sub-brand of Club of the Knobs has recreated the Moog Modular IIIP  & Model 15 and shrunken it into the Eurorack format.

Not only Behringer showed this week Moog recreations but also Aion Modular. These versions have been available for Eurorack a bit longer already, now they showed some new modules.

New is the 984 four-channel mixer, 905 reverberation unit, 912 envelope follower and the 991 filter and attenuator.

Aion Modular IIIP

The complete 3P System will features

  • 10x VCO (two of them are 921 which can be used as sub-oscillator or LFO)
  • 2x 904A LP filter
  • 1x 904B HP filter
  • 1x 904C Coupler
  • 1x 912 Envelope Follower
  • 1x 991 Filter + Attenuator
  • 1x 923 Noise/Filters
  • 2x 902 VCA
  • 3x 911 EG
  • 1x 984 Matrix Mixer
  • 2x 995 Attenuators
  • 4x CP3
  • 1x Fixed Filter Bank 907A
  • 1x 905 Reverberation

Aion Modular Synthesizer System 15

Synthesizer System 15

There is also the SYNTHESIZER SYSTEM 15, a replica of the Moog Model 15 in Eurorack format with a matching case (40cm/16 inch & 3kg). As bonus, it includes a MIDI to CV/Gate interface.

According to the developer, they will also release in future sequencer units for Eurorack format.

The new Aion Modular IIIP (3P) modules are available soon:

  • 984 four-channel mixer: 485€
  • 905 reverberation unit 210€
  • 912 envelope follower: 195€
  • 991 filter and attenuator: 145€

All prices excluded VAT + shipping costs. Synthesizer Model 15 is available now for 2900€ (plus VAT + shipping costs)

More information here: Aion Modular

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