TugSpect free image spectral FX plugin, update 1.0.1 adds new features

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TugSpect is a new free experimental FX plugin from Tugrulakyuz that turns your images into unique spectral filtering effects.

Tugrulakyuz recently released TugSpect, a fascinating free experimental FX plugin with which you can create spectral filtering using image files.

With Update 1.0.1, a new version that expands the engine with new features, is ready for download. 

TugSpect 1.0.1

TugSpect 1.01 adds new SmVer and SmHor functions. SmHor creates horizontal blur on the original image (X axis), while SmVer (Y Axis) applies smoothing in the vertical direction of the image.

The latter is not visible in the image but apparent in the spectrum. This is because Image effects consume a lot of CPU time. There is also a new shift knob allowing for a shift within the selected range without altering the interval. Images.

You can also work with three different visualization modes now. By double-clicking on the spectrum windows, you can select your favorite one. Plus, the new update ships with various bug fixes. Great update.


Article From October 26, 2023

Every musician comes into contact with classical effects at some point—that in hardware or software. The simplest and cheapest way is probably with software. There is an absurd number of free effects plugins available. No matter whether reverb, delay, distortion, or something more unique, you are covered. And they are often on the same level as commercial plugins. 
I have exciting news if you want to explore more experimental fields. A plugin for avant-garde sounds. Tugrulakyuz, the developer of some killer free synth and effects plugins (TugMultiEffect, 2RuleSynth…), has today released TugSpect. Spoiler: it’s not a traditional effect. 



TugSpect is a free experimental effects plugin that delves into spectral processing. The concept sounds familiar if you’re familiar with plugins like iZotope Iris 2.

The plugin does not have a massive built-in effect collection. Unlike classic effect plugins, TugSpect requires images from which it generates its effects.

To do this, you must import an image file, from abstract to your own photographs. Then, TugSpect will analyze this image and use it as a template for sound transformation. Alternatively, you can draw basic shapes like ellipses rectangles, and lines. 

Once audio is routed into it, TugSpect employs real-time Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) filtering to analyze the incoming audio and resulting in spectral processing effects that mirror the pixel values in the image. 

The plugin gives you a wide range of controls for both the image file and the spectral process. You can rotate your image, zoom in/out, turn left to right or even change the image contrast a bit like a photo editor.

Same applies to the spectral processor. It’s also fully adjustable. For example, you can adjust the direction and duration of the analysis process, giving you different effects. And you can do all of this in sync with the DAW clock. Important to note: the effects plugin only works when the DAW is playing. 

The linked videos show this nicely.

First Impression

A wonderful, experimental effect plugin with which you can create unique sounds. And that’s for free. If you like filtering effects similar to vocoding, you must look closer at this free plugin. It’s unique and will nicely expand your arsenal of plugins.

TugSpect by 2Rule is available now as a free download. It runs as a VST3 plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Tugrulakyuz recently released Tu spect, an experimental free FX plugin with which you can create spectral filtering

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