Apple Logic Pro 10.8 & 1.1 (mac/iPad) introduce 32-bit recording, mastering assistant, and more

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Apple has updated Logic Pro on macOS to 10.8 and iPad to 1.1 with an all-new mastering assistant, Sample Alchemy, and more.

For many mobile musicians, a big wish came true on the opening day of Superbooth 23 in May. Apple has ported its DAW Logic Pro to the iPad. Not just half-baken, but almost the entire beast. The mobile Logic was convincing in the test. The update policy, however, not really. 

Even though you pay monthly to use it, there were very few updates. Similar to what we know from the desktop version. Long time nothing but then a big thing. Today, the relief. Apple is showing a big update for both versions. Not only bug fixes but also a few major surprises.

Apple Logic Pro 10.8 1.1

Apple Logic Pro 10.8/1.1 

In the new 10.8/1.1 updates, you can see that both Logic Pro’s are based on the same core. The updates have many parallels but also small differences.

The biggest addition for both versions is an all-new Mastering Assistant. Apple promises that the new feature offers music producers a quick and easy way to add that final professional polish for a release-ready mix. It sounds like Apple took inspiration from iZotope and their AI-driven Ozone mastering plugin.

In detail: Mastering Assistant can instantly analyze the audio and make “expert” refinements to the sound. It shapes the dynamics, frequency balance, timbre, and loudness.

Musicians can also use the tool as a starting point for mixing/mastering and continue to shape as needed with the built-in tools. It’s basically a clever mastering suite à la Ozone but without the need to buy an extra plugin.

Another major news is the introduction of 32-bit float recording in Logic Pro. This, however, requires a compatible audio interface. This helps artists minimize the digital clipping that can occur when recording more dynamic instruments or performances.

Apple Logic Pro 10.8 1.1

New Plugins For The Logic Pro macOS

Apple introduced some new creative plugins with Logic Pro for iPad. They were exclusive in the mobile version. With version 10.8, these are now also available on macOS.

Sample Alchemy is a creative, wild sampler that allows you to transform a single audio sample into a playable instrument. It features the additive, granular, and spectral synthesis algorithms from the full Alchemy synth for deep sound shaping. 

Then, you can explore Breat Breaker now also on macOS. It’s a multi-effects plugin that reshapes and reshuffles your audio in real-time. This is done by slicing, rearranging, and adding scratching effects to it.

By altering the speed, direction, volume, and number of repeats for each slice, musicians can effortlessly define complex patterns that can be changed on the fly. Yes, two super powerful, creative plugins.

Logic Pro for iPad 1.1

Other New Features & Improvements for Logic Pro for macOS/iPad

There is also another major update for the Logic Pro for iPad. You can now record live into the quick sampler via the built-in microphone or any connected audio device.

With this, you can record the environment on the go and create new sample-based instruments. The iPad update also introduces support for split view and stage manager. So you can interact seamlessly between apps. 

Plus, you can select and drag multiple files at once from the files app to quickly build drum kits or add stems to a project. And you can now audition samples, loops, and instruments right in the browser—excellent workflow improvement for the Logic Pro for iPad. 

New slip and rotate tools allow for the contents inside a region to be moved independently of its position on the timeline. Another good addition. Lastly, both versions ship with a new free “hybrid textures” sample Alchemy pack with 70 patches and over 80 loops.

First Impression

A huge free update for Logic Pro. I’m happy to see that Logic Pro for Ipad also got a first major update. 

The new Apple Logic Pro 10.8 and Logic Pro for iPad 1.1 updates are available now as a free download. 

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