TINRS Bopp & Steve and NextTuesday, colorful Eurorack multi-FX and algorithmic sequencing

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TINRS Bopp & Steve and NextTuesday, a colorful reverb-focused multi-FX, and the comeback of the Tuesday algorithmic sequencer module.

Superbooth 23 is already six months in the past. Crazy, how time flies. It was again a big celebration of synthesizers and electronic music. Tens of new products were presented in Berlin, and after six months, many products are now coming onto the market.

This also applies to the newly introduced Eurorack modules by the Dutch developer couple TINRS (This Is Not Rocket Science). At Superbooth 23, they unveiled the Bopp & Steve multi-FX and the comeback of the lovely Tuesday sequencer, the NextTuesday

TINRS Bopp Steve and NextTuesday

TINRS Bopp & Steve

Bopp & Seve is not your usual DSP-based multi-FX processor module for Eurorack.

Instead of a trillion selectable effects, TINRS follows a different, curated concept with its new multi-fx module. Simply put, Bopp & Seve is a flexible textural reverb. However, it’s not that simple.

Stijn and Priscilla (TINRS) decided to deconstruct an atmospheric reverb into individual tweakable blocks in an effect chain

Reverbs are complex calculate. There need to be taken care of several stages of audio processing before our ears perceive something to be a space. With Bopp & Steve TINRS didn’t cut corners. In fact, they have developed a reverb module that is highly customizable and goes a step further.

Deconstruction Of A Reverb

The audio path is full in stereo and starts with a pre-diffusor section, the early reflections in a reverb. This can be used individually and produces a rather subtle, unusual sound. Then, it goes into an extensive pre-delay/delay section.

It offers three distinct delay types: ping-pong, 1v/oct playable waveguide for karplus-strong style textures, and a multi-tap delay. All this is adjustable with length, feedback, and pattern controls. 

The next part of the signal chain is a super flexible pitch shifter. One of the highlights is that you can set this freely in the signal chain. A simple button press makes it possible. Another highlight is the ability to play it polyphonic over MIDI and let you shift it chromatically.

In this end stage, everything is brought back together to form a reverb. Here, you have the reverb tail consisting of three distinct types: dense, float, and sparse. Also fully programmable with various controls. And for all ambient fans, the obligatory shimmer is also there. This can be created using the pitch shifter. Sounds like a super fun and exciting multi-FX.

TINRS Bopp Steve and NextTuesday

TINRS NextTuesday

A popular TINRS module is also now back. The Tuesday algorithmic sequencer makes a comeback in a revised version.

NextTuesday follows in the footsteps of the Tuesday module but with new features. It is still an algorithmic sequencer that shapes melodies based on mathematical procedures. 

TINRS extended the new version with a root knob, more algorithms, and new LEDs. In total, you now get 14 algorithms and a test pattern with which you can generate melodies indefinitely.

All this is full or in-division syncable with an external clock source up to 24 PPQN or set the beat manually between 20 and 240 bpm. 

Nice on the original Tuesday module was its hands-on character. Don’t worry, NextTuesday remains as as knobby and immediate. The knobs and inputs give you hands-on control over various parameters.

Including algorithm settings (X and Y knobs), dimensions of the melody, the dynamics of probability and timing. The module also allows deeper dives like modulation on a range of octaves and more.

First Impression

Two exciting new modules from This Is Not Rocket Science. The comeback of Tuesday (NextTuesday) is particularly welcome. This is an inspiring module with which you can noodle around for a very long time.

TINRS Bopp & Steve is coming in 2024 and is full in development. NextTuesday is available now and costs 330€. 

More information here: TINRS 

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