Tone2 RayBlaster 3, innovative impulse modeling Synthesizer plugin gets a major upgrade

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Tone2 RayBlaster 3 is a major update for its innovative impulse modeling Synthesizer plugin with a higher quality UI, improved sound engine, and more.

Are there forms of synthesis that don’t exist yet, or do we have everything we dreamed of in 2023 in hardware and software? Analog, VA, wavetable, FM, granular, additive, spectral… to name just a few. The number of options for designing sounds using synthesis is freaking impressive. 

I think there are still many innovative forms in the minds of talented developers that we don’t know yet. There will also be next generations of developers who will probably come up with wild new ideas. In 2010, Tone2 showed with the RayBlaster that there is still room for new synthesis concepts. I mention this because Rayblaster 3 is now available. 

Tone2 Rayblaster 3

Tone2 RayBlaster 3

RayBlaster 3 uses the innovative Impulse Modeling Synthesis, or IMS for short. It generates its timbre with a convolution-based synthesis technique using impulse responses of many short samples.

In addition to built-in sources, users can also load custom samples, where the synthesis extracts the IRs. You can load in oscillator shapes, samples, or even filter responses, giving endless sonic possibilities. There are also re-synthesis options and more. A very unusual synthesis with its own character.

The German developers now continue RayBlaster in version 3. There aren’t major new features, it’s more of a complete overhaul of the plugin. So you don’t need to re-familiarise with a different workflow. Everything stays the same. 

New UI, Higher Sound Quality, And More

Let’s start with the visuals. The RayBlaster 3 GUI has received a significant revision and comes in 22 sizes, with and without keys. It now has ultrasharp graphics, supports hardware acceleration, and has rescaling.

An excellent new feature is importing wav files by drag & drop on the wave display. This improves the workflow and reduces menu diving.

Tone2 RayBlaster 3

RB3 users can benefit from an upgraded sound engine. Tone2 promises a more transparent and clear overall sound. More: “The synth sits better in the mix, especially when it’s combined with other instruments”. 

The audio engine now uses 64-bit precision instead of 32-bit and offers higher resampling options up to 88 kHz sample rate.

Then, the effects section also received a major upgrade. No new algorithms, but the existing ones have been renewed. Including better reverbs (huge, small, ultra…), chorus, and delays with more precise interpolation,.

There are also many enhancements:

  • higher performance 
  • smoother animations and more responsive controls.
  • more beautiful sectors for knob-modulation.
  • reworked some tool-tips
  • …. 

First Impression

I’m happy that the “exotic” RayBlaster’s journey continues. It’s a shame that version 3 didn’t get any new features. It would certainly have been exciting to see how the engine would continue after ten years. Nonetheless, it’s a solid upgrade and, especially for RB users, a must-have. 

Tone2 RayBlaster 3 is available now for an introductory price of $99/99€ instead of $199/199€. Existing users of RB1 or RB2 can upgrade for $29/29€. RayBlaster 3 runs as a VST, VST3, AU plugin, and a standalone app on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. 

More information here: Tone2 

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