Audiomodern FREEZR, a real-time stutter sequencer FX for mac, win, and iOS

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Go wild with the new Audiomodern FREEZR, a unique real-time freeze sequencer effect plugin made for flexible stutter effects.

In the past 48 hours, I have reported on some free effect plugins (Soundtoys Little Plate…). These were more likely to be categorized in the classic area. Delay, reverb… There are also more fascinating, crazier effects.

Audiomodern has released a new stutter plugin. Stutter is a technique where you freeze audio and repeat these fragments, resulting in rhythmic, glitching effects.

Audiomodern FREEZR

Audiomodern FREEZR

FREEZR is a unique effects plugin for macOS, Windows, and iOS. It’s designed to capture, manipulate, and sequence audio innovatively and expressively, says Audiomodern.

It’s not that groundbreaking new. There are already a few freezer/stutter effects on the market. See iZotope’s Stutter Edit 2. 

The plugin is placed in an FX slot and waits for mono or stereo. When audio flows in, it freezes segments of audio in real-time. You can then arrange these fragments or slices creatively into a composition using two sequencers. At the beginning, middle, or end of the sound, you can use the FX very freely.

The freeze/stutter effects can be very different. Long freezes reminiscent of scratching a vinyl or super fast glitchy bits. It ships with built-in patterns, so you can instantly explore it. There is also a filter module with cutoff and resonance control to shape the effect.

Some clever musical elements from other Audiomodern plugins (Playbeat…) have also been made here. For example, you can generate or remix infinite pattern variations with the sequencer engine. This way, you constantly get new results, and you can chain together your favorite elements.

FREEZR is fully MIDI controllable in your DAW with MIDI learn functionality. There is also an iPad version with an AUv3 plugin and Ableton Link support. So you can also freeze your audio creatively on the go.

First Impression

Look for a very easy-to-use, creative, and fun stutter plugin. If you want that little something extra in your tracks, this could be an interesting FX. Also if you want to be super wild.

Audiomodern FREEZR is available now for an introductory price of 19€ instead of 29€ or for FREE with every purchase at the official store. It runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon + Intel) and Windows. The iOS version with AUv3 support is available for 9,99€ on the Apple app store.

More information here: Audiomodern 

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