Dnipro x Sinevibes Radiant, two Ukrainian developers teams up for a new multi-FX module

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Dnipro x Sinevibes Radiant is a new multi-FX module for Eurorack created by two Ukrainian developers and made in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian developer Sinevibes is known to many for its variety of excellent sounding and innovative effects plugins. Hardware lovers, probably from the numerous Korg oscillator and FX plugins for the NTS-1, minilogue xd, and prologue synthesizers. 

Sinevibes DSP code can also be found in the synthesizers from the Greek company Dreabox—a lot in the Typhon, a joint project. The algorithms will soon also be available in Eurorack. Sinevibes has teamed up with another Ukrainian developer Dnipro Modular and has jointly developed a new multi-fx module. Konstantin (Dnipro) is presenting the Radiant module at Machina Bristronica today.

Dnipro Sinevibes Radiant

Dnipro x Sinevibes Radiant

I haven’t received an official feature set yet, but Peter from CDM has already chatted with Konstantin. According to its article:

it’s a stereo effect processor with the core idea of having several complex effect patches (modes). For now, it’s still in development, so currently, we have only three patches on board: frequency shifter, pitch shifter stereo delay, and vibrant phaser/chorus effect. 

There are also delay to stereo effect in plans and some space for the future updates and new creative patches. The panel will have a knob per function control for instance interaction. Some controls will be similar per patch, like filters and saturation f.e., and some will depend on patch. All parameters will be cv-able of course.

So, in short, it’s a new hands-on stereo multi-FX module with different Sinevibes algorithms, including delay, filtering, pitch and frequency shifting, distortion, chorus, and more. Artemiy from Sinevibes also told CDM that they’ve built a new stereo delay algorithm that can cross-fade between delay times. That’s sound interesting. 

A look at the front panel reveals where the journey is headed. It’s all very cosmic and sci-fi. You get parameters like saturn, orbit, space, time, feedback, etc. It also has built-in high-pass and and lowpass filters for shaping the effect.

On the connection side, you get a stereo input and output on mono sockets and CV control over all parameters, including a clock input. A nice extra info: the module is made in Ukraine. So the circle closes: not just made by two Ukrainian developers but also where they have their roots. 

First Impression

A very exciting new multi-FX module for Eurorack. Especially knowing that Sinevibes is known for very high-quality algorithms. I still want the Korg Logue platform to be officially launched as a Eurorack module so that such algorithms can be used in modular. This is currently only possible via mods. At least,  we can explore soon Sinevibes FX in Eurorack with the new Radiant module. That’s great news.

Dnipro Modular availability and price TBA. 

More information here: Dnipro Modular 


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